Ring in Christmas!

Difficulty: 3
Technique: Wirework

Seed beads bells

The bell is another classic shape of Christmas. The fragile seed bead lace is supplemented with six individual strips which form the shape of the bell. In order to simplify the procedure, it is a good idea to have a basic mould in the shape of the bell (wood, polystyrene) or an actual bell so that it is possible to shape the basic wire structure. If you do not have a mould or a bell, draw the shape of the bell onto paper and bend the individual wires according to the drawing. 


Helena Chmelíková

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Materials & Tools

Other materials & tools

0.8 mm and 0.35 mm binding wire, an adjusting chain, a ring, a small bell, needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers, snipping pliers 

Step 1

String the necessary number of seed beads onto the shaped wires according to the following description in order to make a small 7 x 7 cm bell. Use the thicker wire to create 6x pieces of wire and create a loop at one end of each of them using the needle nose pliers. Then string 49x R9 onto the individual wires and then complete them again with a loop. String these loops onto the thinner wire in the upper section of the bell and add 1x R9 between each loop. A total of 6x R9.

Step 2

Use the thicker wire to form a circle with a diameter of 7 cm. Create a small loop at one end. String the wire through all the free loops on the shaped wires with the strung seed beads and always string 18x R9 (a total of 108) between the individual loops. Pass the end of the wire through the loop and connect both ends with a second loop. 

Step 3

At the top, create individual rows of seed beads strung on the 0.35 mm wire according to the illustration. Always twist the wire around the individual vertical wires with the stringing. Finish every row individually. 


Step 4

Attach the small bell to 5 cm of chain using a ring. Cut off 2.5 cm of the thicker wire. Create a loop at one end using the needle nose pliers and connect it to the end of the chain and close it. Then string 1x R7 on this wire, pass it through the interior of the seed bead bell and add 1x R7 from above and close the loop, from which you can then hang the finished seed bead bell. 

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