Difficulty: 2
TECHNIQUE: simple sewing, stringing

Brooch and earrings made from PRECIOSA Tubes and bugles

For some they are conspicuous, for others imaginative. Try attracting the attention of your loved ones, your colleagues and everyday passers-by. Fascinate those around you with accessories created according to the Noblesse theme from the autumn/winter 2021/2022 trend collection. PRECIOSA Bugles and PRECIOSA Tubes offer a wide range of lengths and types of decoration in the form of various cuts of the cylinders that differentiate them by shape and surface.


Helena Chmelíková

She is able to switch from luxurious and extravagant fashion show pieces to the preparation of hobby projects,

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Step 1

The frame of the tilted pyramid

Cut off 60 cm of wire. String 1x T4, 1x T3 and 1x T2. Move them to the middle of the wire.

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Step 2

Thread the wire through the T4 one more time from the opposite side. This will create a triangle.

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Step 3

String 1x T3 and 1x T2 onto the wire next to the triangle's more acute angle.


Step 4

Thread the wire through the T3 from the initial triangle. This will create a large green triangle.


Step 5

Also thread the wire through the second T3.


Step 6

String 1x T2 onto the other end of the wire.


Step 7

Thread the wire through the T2. This will create a small green triangle.


Step 8

Tighten the triangle. Thread the wire through both remaining T2.


Step 9

Tie off both ends of the wire and pull them into the adjacent T2 and T3.


Step 10

The earrings

Thread a ring between the T4 and T3 at the top of the pyramid. Attach a hook to it and crimp it closed.

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Step 11

The broach

Prepare three pyramids. You will string T3 onto the pyramids (the T4 will lie on the base). String 6x R, 1x T3, 2x R, 1x T3, 2x R and 1x T3 onto the wire.


Step 12

Thread the end of the wire back. Create a loop of R. Thread one end through the T3 and 2x R.

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Step 13

Thread the wire through the other end of the T3, 2x R and the T3. Tie off the ends of the wire. Pull the ends into the T3 and R. Cut off any excess.

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Step 14

String the loops onto the point of the safety pin. Slide them onto the lower part of the pin. Use rings at the site of the R to connect the pyramids to the safety pin's wire.

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