PRECIOSA Terra Intensive


The PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range has an extensive color base. 

11 colors
3 types of seed beads

We now present the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive summer color collection

This involves surface finishes in 11 shades on chalk ranging from clear yellow through to chocolate brown. You can combine these bright colors to create attractive and highly absorbing patterns. 

We offer this pallet of intensive colors in 3 selected seed bead shapes, specifically PRECIOSA Rocailles in 3 sizes (10/0, 8/0 and 6/0) and two other types of seed beads, PRECIOSA Farfalle™ and PRECIOSA Twin™.

The colorful seed beads from the PRECIOSA Terra Intensive collection can be used in embroidery, sewing or other costume jewelry or accessories for the warm summer months.

Just try them!


PRECIOSA Rocailles
Article number: 331 19 001
Sizes: 10/0, 8/0, 6/0

PRECIOSA Farfalle™
Article number: 321 90 001
Size: 3.2 x 6.5 mm

PRECIOSA Twin™ Seed Bead
Article number: 321 96 001
Size: 2.5 x 5 mm

Colors & Coatings

PRECIOSA Terra Intensive

View the 11 colors at the Flickr Gallery.

We offer the New Intensive Colors on three seed bead shapes:

PRECIOSA Rocailles
PRECIOSA Farfalle™




PRECIOSA Terra Intensive

You can see the works of our designers, such as:

Alexandra Lysenko, Hana Černá, Helena Chmelíková, Kateřina Krausová, Karla Mokrošová, Natálie Škodová, Romana Tschunková, and also of the bijoux companies: Rexpo.

Flickr Gallery

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Michal Hurdálek

Michal Hurdálek
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PRECIOSA Terra Intensive

The new intensive colors are now available in distributors' stocks:


John Bead Corporation Ltd. (Canada)
Shipwreck Beads (US)
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads (US)
Buy Lines Co., Inc. (US)
John F. Allen & Son, Inc. (US)


Spellbound Bead Co.  (UK)