PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Matt


Submerge yourself into a flood of brightly colored PRECIOSA Terra Intensive seed beads and their explosive combinations! The bright and happy colors in matt and polished variants are precisely what everybody needs. 

Bright colors and distinctive designs are becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps this is because it only takes one look at them to improve our mood. We offer the intensive, bright colors on our PRECIOSA Terra Intensive seed beads in 11 distinctive opaque shades of bright yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, green and brown. Moreover, you can also choose from the polished and matt variants or combine them. It is simply not possible to unequivocally state which variant is the best. Some prefer their jewelry to have a distinctive, sparkly appearance, while others give preference to matt, slightly more subdued, yet very clear, colors. Can’t make your mind up? Don’t worry! You can simply combine the matt and polished beads! Both designs will take this season by storm. 

PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Matt

PRECIOSA Rocailles

Article number: 331 39 001
sizes: 10/0, 8/0, 6/0

Joy, optimism and enthusiasm can all be expressed through jewelry made from PRECIOSA Terra Intensive seed beads. Vivid and brightly colored seed beads go excellently with summer designs. Just wear a simple, single-colored dress, add an accessory made from PRECIOSA Terra Intensive seed beads and you’ll be a winner! Try out the effect that distinctive colors can have. Their intensity is directly commensurate to your good mood. 

Don’t be afraid to combine our PRECIOSA Terra Intensive seed beads, as the least expected combinations can be the most interesting! Combine, for example, bright pink colours with bright green or use the courageous combinations of purple and yellow or green and yellow and you will be surprised at the results you achieve. You also can’t put a foot wrong, if you combine all the colors in the range, as your piece of jewelry will be reminiscent of the rainbow or at least part of it. 

Colors & Coatings

PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Matt

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Choose from the pallet of PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Matt seed beads to create an effective and fun piece of jewelry. 



PRECIOSA Terra Intensive Matt

You can see the works of our designers, such as:

Alexandra Lysenko, Hana Černá, Helena Chmelíková, Karla Mokrošová, Natálie Škodová, Romana Tschunková

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PRECIOSA Terra Intensive

The new intensive colors are now available in distributors' stocks:


John Bead Corporation Ltd. (Canada)
Shipwreck Beads (US)
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads (US)
Buy Lines Co., Inc. (US)
John F. Allen & Son, Inc. (US)


Spellbound Bead Co.  (UK)