Spiral bracelet

Difficulty: 3
Techniques: Crocheting

Crocheted spiral bracelet in intensive colors

Preciosa Ornela offers the most extensive range of shapes, sizes and color variants in its seed bead range under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. This time, we have selected the PRECIOSA Farfalle™ Seed Beads and PRECIOSA Rocailles in intensive colors. You can create a beautiful spiral bracelet using the classic crocheting technique.


Alexandra Lysenko - Snow Mirna

Her name has resounded throughout the world of bead and seed bead costume jewellery for a number of years.

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Step 1

First string the seed beads onto the crocheting yarn the following order: 24x R10 and 6x R6 (only string them at the beginning and end of the tube) and then 1x R6 - 1x F1 - 1x R6 – 1x F1 - 1x R6 – 1x F1 - 1x R6 - 1x F2 - 1x R6 – 1x F2 - 1x R6 – 1x F2 (repeat this grouping until you have the required length) and then 6x R6 and 24x R10 again at the end.


Step 2

Create the basic loop. Keep it relatively large, as you will later use it to connect the seed beads into a circle. Count off 6 seed beads and crochet a chain with the seed beads. Shift one seed bead as close as possible to the hook and grasp the yarn behind it and crochet the first loop with a seed bead. Repeat the procedure five more times and thus create a chain of 6 crocheted loops with seed beads (fig. no. 2a - 2b).

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Step 3

Then pull the hook through the first basic loop and pull the yarn through both loops at the same time (fig. no. 3a). Poke the hook into the loop to the left of the first seed bead, twist the seed bead down and to the right, shift the nearest seed beads as close as possible to it, grasp the yarn with the hook and crochet a strong loop (pull the yarn through both loops at once), (fig. no. 3b). Add seed beads to the second row (fig. no. 3c).

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Step 4

Insert a piece of wire with an eye into the tube (fig. no. 4) - you will subsequently use it to anchor the fastening. Crochet a strong loop with the seed beads in a downward spiral. If all of the seed beads in all the rows are twisted with their holes in the direction of the crocheting (upwards), you have proceeded correctly.


Step 5

Jeep crocheting until you use up all the seed beads, insert a wire before the last row (fig. no. 5a) and keep crocheting. Crochet the last row without any seed beads and cut off the yarn (fig. no. 5b). Thread the seed beads onto the wire and create a linking eye (fig. no. 5c). Then connect any type of costume jewelry fastening and you are finished (fig. no. 5d).

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