Kerrie Slade

Preciosa Ornela has begun working with one of the most significant costume jewellery designers, Kerrie Slade.
Kerrie Slade first discovered beading around 12 years ago while recovering from an illness when she needed something creative to occupy her hands and her mind. She learnt the basic beadweaving stitches from books and magazines but she soon knew that she wanted to experiment and create her own designs. 

Growing up in an agricultural area of England gave her an understanding and an appreciation of nature, especially animals and flowers and she often draws inspiration for her work from these early experiences. Her real passion nowadays lies in fairy tale style beadwork and she is part way through creating a themed body of work entitled ‘Midnight Garden’ which includes many imaginative pieces such as mystical beaded animals and birds, fantasy flowers, twisting vines and magical doorways! Kerrie has had her work published in over 30 books and magazines in Europe and the USA and has taught workshops internationally. Kerrie is currently also enjoying creating innovative designs with exciting new beadwork products as well as writing and selling tutorials via her website

Preciosa Ornela provided Kerrie with the necessary materials for her to create floral pieces using seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand. With her design inspired by a garden of flowers, Kerrie has presented a new method of using the PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole beads and seed beads.

Experienced creative bead workers will therefore be able to expand their options when using their favourite techniques and beginners can be inspired to achieve an excellent final effect in a relatively simple way. Preciosa Ornela would like to thank Kerrie Slade for her excellent cooperation and for the exceptional result of her work with Czech seed beads.