Decorative Candle

Difficulty: 2
Technique: Basic Beadweaving

Candles decorated with PRECIOSA Pip™ Pressed Beads

The candles complete the atmosphere of a home. We present a tutorial on how to make simple elegant flowers which you can use to decorate candles. If you make several of them, you can also decorate other home accessories and harmonise everything perfectly.
You can create an unlimited number of combinations thanks to the wide range of colors and surface finishes on the beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. You can also use the created flowers to decorate other items (cushions, clothing). Sew them on using a larger rocaille instead of a pin. We would point out that the candles should only be used as decorations. They should not be lit.


Kerrie Slade

Kerrie Slade have used Czech PRECIOSA Traditional Czech seed beads in her creation.

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Flowers are made with peyote stitch. Each flower has a diameter of approximately 2 cm.


Step 1

Thread your needle with 50 cm of thread and pick up a Twin bead and a Pip bead 5 times. Leaving a 20 cm tail, pass your needle through all the beads a second time to form a circle and step up through the first Twin bead again.

Note – if you are using bi-colored Pip beads, ensure that the colour you wish to be displayed is facing the front as you pick them up.


Step 2

Pass your needle through the empty hole of the first Twin bead added in step 1 as shown in Figure 2.


Step 3

Working in the opposite direction to step 1, add 1 seed bead between each Twin bead, ensuring that you pass your needle through the empty hole in the Twin beads. Finish with your needle exiting the same hole as at the beginning of this row. See Figure 3. Pull your thread firmly so that the Twin beads pull in towards the centre of your flower forming a cluster.


Step 4

Pass your needle through the new beads added in step 3 and the second hole of the Twin beads a second time (without adding any new beads). Pull your thread firmly so that little or no thread shows. See Figure 4 which now shows the Twin beads and seed beads clustered in the centre.


Step 5

Retrace the thread path shown in Figure 4 but tie an overhand knot between each pair of beads (a total of 5 knots) and pull your thread tightly as you work. Tie off and trim the working thread.


Step 6

Using the tail thread, pass your needle through the Pip beads and the first hole of all the Twin beads (without adding any beads). Pull your thread firmly so that little or no thread shows. See Figure 5.


Step 7

Retrace the thread path shown in Figure 6 but tie an overhand knot between each pair of beads (a total of 5 knots) and pull your thread tightly as you work. Tie off and trim the tail thread.


Step 8

Repeat steps 1 to 7 to make a total of 6 flowers.


Step 9

Pass a pearl-headed pin through the central hole of one of the flowers and push the pin into the side of the candle. See Figure 6 and  Figure 7. If your pins are too long, use wire cutters to trim them to a suitable length.

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