Jana Shweiki

You have already had the opportunity to come across the playful and clean-lined designs by Jana Shweiki created using Czech beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range in Preciosa Ornela's internet galleries where they were previously signed with the name Jana Bukovská. She has liked "beads" since her childhood, but she became more involved with them after 2008, when she was on maternity leave. She is a member of the Fler Beadweaving Team which brings together artists who are involved in making sewn pieces of jewellery and organises thematic competitions.

This cooperation has also led to a number of popular designs through which the designer has disseminated her enjoyment of creative work to other similarly minded enthusiasts and fans who know her from other internet presentations, competitions and workshops, including under her nickname "Noninka".

"I started working with beads more intensively when I was on maternity leave in 2008 when I had more time. Given that my two periods of maternity leave have come to an end and I have to go to work, beads have remained a hobby which I happily turn to. Thanks to the support of my husband and children, I can do what I enjoy in the evenings. I am very happy that I have had the opportunity to cooperate with Preciosa Ornela. Designing with new and secret beads is a challenge for me. It always motivates me and is an impulse for me to come to terms with an unknown bead or seed bead and to turn it into a piece of jewellery. I mainly make simple designs, which anybody can make. In cooperation with Preciosa Ornela, I have created tutorials for my pieces which I hope will be appreciated by enthusiastic bead workers."

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