Difficulty: 2
Technique: Basic Beadweaving

Earrings made from PRECIOSA Chilli™

Choose from the wide range of surface finishes on the beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand in a suitable color combination and create an original costume jewelry accessory. Two-hole beads and seed beads can be used to make interesting combinations thanks to the identical spacing of their holes. Be inspired and create an elegant pair of earrings from the new PRECIOSA Chilli™ beads which look so good when closely combined with the universal PRECIOSA Twin™ two-hole beads or seed beads.


Jana Shweiki

Designer with playful and clean-lined designs of jewelry made using Czech beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range.

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Sew through each row several times so that it is well reinforced. Check the clearance of all the holes before you string the beads.

Step 1

Alternately string 4x T and 4x R8 (fig. no. 1a) and tie them in a circle with a double knot (fig. no. 1b). Leave ca 8 cm free at the end of the line for sewing in.

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Step 2

Thread the needle through the second hole of the (fig. no. 2a), add 1x Ch, 1x R8 and 1x Ch (fig. no. 2b) and thread the needle through the adjacent (fig. no. 2c). Repeat this all the way around the circle (fig. no. 2d).

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Step 3

The line will emerge from the (fig. no. 3a) and you now need for it to emerge from the rounded side of the Ch so that you can pass to the second hole of the Ch and so that the line emerges from the straight side of the Ch (fig. no. 3b). Then add 1x Ch, 1x R8 and 1x Ch and pull the needle through the two Ch, so that the line once again emerges from the straight side of the Ch (fig. no. 3c + 3d). Repeat this around the circle so that you close the circle (fig. no. 3e). Tie a knot in the line and sew in both ends.

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Step 4

Thread the line through the circle with a rocaille (fig. no. 4a) and add the Afro-hook before closing the ring. Then close the ring and you have completed one earring (fig. no. 4b).

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Step 5

Repeat steps 1 to 4 so that you have two earrings (fig. no. 5).

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