Difficulty: 2
TECHNIQUE: stringing

Necklace made from seed beads with a white lining

We present a simple tutorial for the original and effective Tricolor necklace. We have used the transparent seed beads with a white lining from the PRECIOSA White Lining collection. The white lining highlights the color of the transparent glass of the seed beads so that your finished designs sparkle with a variety of colors. Our necklace variant is in the red-white-blue color combination, but you can use the colors of your choice. We offer PRECIOSA White Lining seed beads in 26 colors.


Jana Shweiki

Designer with playful and clean-lined designs of jewelry made using Czech beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range.

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Material and Tools


The number of prepared stringings depends on how long you want the necklace to be. One stringing is about 60 cm long. You can use a variety of colors. We have used 5 stringings from each rocaille color.


Step 1

First string the white rocailles. Once you have strung ca 60 cm, tie off the ends and sew them into the nearest seed beads (fig. no. 1a + 1b). Coil up the stringing 3x and the first piece is finished (fig. no. 1c).

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Step 2

Then do the same with the red rocailles (fig. nos. 2a + 2b + 2c).

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Step 3

And you will also need a blue stringing (fig. nos. 3a + 3b + 3c). You have now finished a stringing in each color (fig. no. 3d).

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Step 4

Prepare the white stringing and the carabiner with one ring. Put the ring on the carabiner and cinch the stringing in the middle (fig. no. 4).


Step 5

You can use a wooden skewer to assist you (fig. no. 5a). Prepare the red stringing (fig. no. 5b) and thread it through the white stringing (fig. nos. 5c + 5d). You can then use the skewer to straighten out the stringings (fig. no. 5e).

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Step 6

Prepare the blue stringing (fig. no. 6a) and this time thread it through the red ends (fig. no. 6b + 6c). Once this has ben done, use the skewer to straighten out the stringing (fig. no. 6d).

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Step 7

Keep adding stringings in that order (white, red, blue) until the necklace is of a sufficient length. Attach the rings to the last piece using pliers and it is finished (fig. no. 7).

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