Difficulty: 2
Technique: sewing, stringing

A Christmas decoration made using PRECIOSA Candy™ and PRECIOSA Twin™

There can never be enough inspiration for Christmas decorations. Try making a delicate snowflake from beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. The combination of white and crystal glass is without doubt the best.


Jana Shweiki

Designer with playful and clean-lined designs of jewelry made using Czech beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range.

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Sew through each row several times so that it is suitably strong. Before stringing the beads, check to make sure that all of the holes are clear.

Step 1

String 6x T (fig. no. 1a) and tie them into a circle (fig. no. 1b). Leave approximately 8 cm of free line for sewing in. You can sew it in straight away so that the end of the line is not in your way or sew it in at the end of the work as usual.

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Step 2

Pass the needle through the second hole of the T (fig. no. 2a), add 1x T (fig. no. 2b) and move to the adjacent T (fig. nos. 2c + 2d). Repeat this around the circle (fig. no. 2e). Pass the needle through the second hole in the T (fig. no. 2f).

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Step 3

String 1x R, 1x C and 5x R (fig. no. 3a) and return through the second hole in the C (fig. nos. 3b + 3c). String 1x R (fig. no. 3d) and thread it through the adjacent T (fig. nos. 3e + 3f).

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Step 4

Repeat Step 3 until the circle is closed (fig. nos. 4a + 4b). You must make sure that you always string the C in the same direction, for example upwards through the left-hand hole and back down through the right-hand hole.

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Step 5

Knot the line, sew both ends of the line into the nearest beads and the snowflake is finished (fig. no. 5).

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