Difficulty: 2
technique: Stringing, Basic Beadweaving

Pendants made from Twin Roller and PRECIOSA Pip™ beads

Preciosa Ornela presents the PRECIOSA Pip™ pressed bead, this time in connection with the popular two-hole Twin Roller cylinder. This simple tutorial will enable you to create a pleasant pendant which you are sure to be able to find a suitable use for. Preciosa Ornela wishes you many creative ideas with the new beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™.


Jana Shweiki

Designer with playful and clean-lined designs of jewelry made using Czech beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range.

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Materials & Tools

Other materials

An 8 mm hanging ring, a hoop, a chain, a ribbon in the colour of the beads and seed beads, a ca 90 cm long 0.18 mm line


A sewing needle, scissors, flat nose pliers


Step 1

Alternately string 6x TR and 6x R11 onto the needle with the line (fig. no. 1a) and tie them into a circle with a double knot (fig. no. 1b). After tightening the circle, thread the line around it one more time.

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Step 2

The line will emerge from the TR (fig. no. 2a). Pass to the second hole of the same TR, string an R11 and connect it with the adjacent TR. Continue until the circle closes (fig. no. 2b). Thread the line around the circle one more time in order to strengthen it. The line will emerge from the R11.

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Step 3

String 5x R11 and pull the needle through the R11 behind the TR in the same row and continue in this way until you have a star all around (fig. no. 3).


Step 4

The line will emerge from the point of the star, i.e. the 3rd R11 which you added (fig. no. 4a). String 2x R11 (fig. no. 4b) and pass the line through the R11 between the TR in the second row (fig. no. 4c). Then once again string 2x R11 and pass the line through the point of the star (i.e. the 3rd R11 from the last step) and continue in this way until the star is finished.

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Step 5

The line will emerge in the middle of the star (fig. no. 5a). String 1x TR, 1x P and 1x TR (fig. no. 5b) and thread the line around the middles of the stars. Do so once again in order to tighten the circle.

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Step 6

The line will emerge from the TR (fig. no. 6a), where you will then pass into the second hole (fig. no. 6b). This row is created by connecting individual TR. Where there were P in the first row (fig. no. 6c), add R11 in this row. Where there were R11, add P. After joining up the circle, thread the around this row again in order to strengthen it (fig. no. 6d). Tie of both ends off the line with strong knots, sew them into the nearest beads and cut off the ends.

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Step 7

Secure the circle behind the rocaille which does not protrude from the star using the pliers (fig. no. 7). You can pass a hoop, a chain or a ribbon through the circle according to your preference.