Karla Mokrošová

Karla Mokrošová first encountered beads when she purchased a book on wired jewelry, which she learnt how to make.

Even though the beauty of working with wire still fascinates her, there was still something missing for her. She suddenly discovered the wonderful, albeit highly time consuming, technique of bead weaving, which she simply fell in love with. She slowly found her way into its mysteries.

"The journey was often thorny and I wanted to give up, but thanks to my tenacity, diligence, patience and the support of my family, I gradually began to make my dream come true", says Karla Mokrošová.

Her hobby later grew into my profession. In 2015, she started her own business while still in employment and she then went into my business full-time from 2017. She makes original handmade jewelry for every occasion under the brand Jewelry from BEADS and she puts a piece of herself into each product. She places great emphasis on the quality of the material and a sophisticated appearance. A satisfied customer is the greatest reward for her and provides her with motivation for further work. Their words fill her with energy. She is not only fascinated by brilliance and shine, but also by the transformation of the colored glass and glass components into a single unit. It is pleasantly varied...

She likes to meet personal challenges. She took part in her first Facebook competition in 2015. She was then asked to make her first tutorial for the Koralki magazine thanks to her winning entry. The next year, she started cooperating with Bijoux Components and they still work together today. She makes tutorials for the company, which equally enthusiastic beadworkers then use to create their own jewelry. She is always extremely pleased by their posts of their finished pieces of jewelry. That is when she knows that her work and the transfer of her experience makes sense.

My cooperation with Preciosa Ornela is the cherry on the notional cake and I am extremely grateful for it. Creating designs using their new (secret) or existing beads is another challenge for me.

The latest news is that she has also established new cooperation with the Glass beads Company, for which she also creates designs using their product range.

Even though all the pieces of jewelry which she creates are a matter of the heart for her, some of them are still closer to her heart for various reasons. You can follow her work on www.facebook.com/jewelryfrombeads or at the www.jewelryfrombeads.com e-shop.