Accessories Made from PRECIOSA Chilli™ and PRECIOSA Twin™

The elongated, whimsical shape of the PRECIOSA Chilli™ complements our popular line of two-hole beads, both of which have the same hole spacing. Try this how-to guide and create a delicate cluster of blossoms reminiscent of a blooming sakura (cherry) tree. Choose from a wide range of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ colors and make a delightful combination of flowers using two-hole beads, PRECIOSA Twin™ or PRECIOSA rocaille.

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Materials and Tools:

111 01 357; 4 x 11 mm; warm pastel shades; 5 pcs for one flower

White 02010/25E01

sakura chilli 02010 25E01

Cream 02010/25039

sakura chilli 02010 25039

Skin Tone  02010/29563

sakura chilli 02010 29563

Pinkish-Orange 02010/25007

sakura chilli 02010 25007

Pink 02010/25008

sakura chilli 02010 25008

Lilac 02010/29561

sakura chilli 02010 29561


117 01 323; 2.5 x 5 mm; warm pastel shades; 5 pcs for one flower

White 02010/29571

sakura twin 02010 29571

Skin Tone 02010/29563

sakura twin 02010 29563

Pinkish-Orange 02010/29560

sakura twin 02010 29560

PRECIOSA Rocaille (R)
331 19 001; 11/0 or 10/0; warm pastel shades; 10 pcs for one flower + more depending on item you are making

White 46102

sakura rokajl 46102 10 0

Cream 46112

sakura rokajl 46112 11 0

Skin Tone 37389

sakura rokajl 37389 10 0

Pink 37398

sakura rokajl 37398 10 0

Purple 37325

sakura rokajl 37325 10 0

Salmon 09351

sakura rokajl 09351 11 0


PRECIOSA Rocaille (R8)
331 19 001; 8/0; quantity according to the selected item
White 46102

sakura rokajl 46102 8 0 

For Headband:headband wire; binding wire 0.30 mm
For Bracelet: 16 mm rivet; elastic (e.g. Opelon)
For Card:decorative paper sheet; glue gun
For Branch:binding wire 0.30 mm
Nylon fishing line 0.20 mm
Fine needle
Flat-nosed pliers and cutting pliers 



Cherry Blossom

Step 1
Pass your needle through one hole of a T bead. Add 1 Ch bead using the dimpled hole closer to the bead’s center. Thread the other Ch hole from the back side. Pass your thread through the second T hole. Pass through the edge hole on Ch again, this time in its dimple. On the back, pass through the hole closer center as well. Turn the T bead so that its hole is level with the Ch hole.  Pass through same hole in T as you did at the beginning, but in the opposite direction. Pick up 2 R beads.

start side view of Chilli a Twin stitching
sakura zacatek 1krok sakura bocni pohled 1krok
view from the back side of the Chilli bead view from the tip of the Chilli bead
sakura zadni cast 1krok sakura pohled od spicky 1krok

Step 2
Repeat STEP 1 four more times.

Step 3
Pass through the hole of the first T bead. Create a circle from the T and R beads.  Pass through the second hole on the first T bead.  Pass through the second holes on the remaining T beads as well. Pull the thread tightly, knot, and hide the thread’s ends into the surrounding beadwork.

sakura 3krok en

sakura krok1sakura krok2


To make a headband you need 16 flowers. Place the binding wire onto the headband. Wrap the wires around each other approx. four times.  Pass the binding wire through the bottom center of a flower.  Add 1 R8 and 1 R. Return back through the R8 with the wire and tighten with the help of your flat-nosed pliers.  Wind the wire around the headbands three times, and then add another flower. Continue this process until you have added all the flowers. Wrap the end of the binding wire around the headband several times between the binding wire and flowers.

sakura celenka dsakura celenka esakura celenka b 


Use as many flowers as you need for the length of your bracelet.  Using a rivet add 1 R8, a flower and then another R8. Form loop with the rivet. Hold the end of the rivet with the flat-nosed pliers and wrap it around the plier tip.  Thread the elastic through the rivet loops. In between each flower add 6 R8 seed beads.  Knot the elastic’s ends together several times and cut off the remaining ends. 

sakura naramek 1bsakura celenka 

Greeting Card

You can glue the flowers onto decorative paper using a glue gun. Or, to sew them onto the paper, use a needle to make a series of two holes (one pair for each flower). Thread the holes from the back. Then thread one end through a T bead. Add 1 R8 bead. Thread the other end on the other side through a T bead. thread through the two holes again. Knot the thread and cut off the excess thread.

sakura prani 

Decorative Branch 

Cut approx. 15 cm of binding wire. Bend in half. Add 1 R bead and place it in the bend. Add 1 R8 on each end, then add a flower.  Bend the wires adn place the flower on the branch. Wind each end of wire around the branch once. Twist the wires several times under the flower.

sakura vetevka b

sakura vetevka

sakura celek