Floral mosaics

Floral mosaics

Containers glued with PRECIOSA Forget-me-nots

Choose from the wide range of ​colors of PRECIOSA Forget-me-nots, flowers which never wither. You and your children can play and create simple decorative jars.

Design: Helena Chmelíková

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Forget-me-nots
111 01 365; 5 mm; the size depends on the size of the container

A flower pot 

purple 02010/15726

kvetova mozaika fialova 02010 15726

old pink 02010/15496

kvetova mozaika staroruzova 02010 15496

gold pink 00030/98545

kvetova mozaika zlatoruzova 00030 98544

metallic pink 00030/27103

kvetova mozaika kovoveruyova 00030 27103

golden rainbow 00030/98544

kvetova mozaika zlatoduhova 00030 98545

A candle holder

purple 00030/011952

kvetova mozaika fialova 00030 01195

clear violet 00030/01123

kvetova mozaika jasne fialova 00030 01123

red-pink 00030/01191

kvetova mozaika cervenoruzova 00030 01193

yellow 00030/01181

kvetova mozaika fialova 00030 01181

tuquoise 00030/01134

kvetova mozaika tyrkysova 00030 01134

turquoise-green 00030/01165

kvetova mozaika tyrkysovozelena 00030 01165

A jam jar

orange 00030/01184

kvetova mozaika fialova 00030 01184

yellow 00030/01181

kvetova mozaika fialova 00030 01181

green 00030/01154

kvetova mozaika zelena 00030 01154

silver-yellow 00030/28003

kvetova mozaika stribrnozluta

golden copper 00030/98542

kvetova mozaika zlatomedena 00030 98542

white copper 02010/29121

kvetova mozaika bilomedena 02010 29121

- glass or plastic containers which preferably have straight sides; glue – universal clear mastic in a tube or a cartouche;

kvetova mozaika pomucky

a dispensing gun (depending on the size of the glue container); a spatula; a base – newspaper; single-use gloves

kvetova mozaika pomucky 02 

The procedure:

The wall of the container should be smooth, clean and dry.

Step 1:
Create a mixture of forget-me-nots.

kvetova mozaika krok 1

Step 2:
Measure the volume of the wall of the container (length, height). Measure the size of the wall on the base or at least map it out approximately. Sprinkle the mixture of forget-me-nots onto this surface. Straighten the forget-me-nots next to one another so they lie flat on the surface.

kvetova mozaika krok 2bkvetova mozaika krok 2abkvetova mozaika krok 2cx

Step 3:
Apply stripes of glue to the wall of the container. Spread out the glue using the spatula.

kvetova mozaika krok 3axkvetova mozaika krok 3b

Step 4:
Place the forget-me-nots onto the glued wall. Slowly turn the container. Do not press too hard. Individually fill in any areas where the forget-me-nots have failed to stick. Gently press all of the forget-me-nots to the base. Leave it to dry according to the glue instructions.

kvetova mozaika krok 4

Step 5:
Complete the decoration. Tie a bow on a ribbon or add a tag. Place a tealight in the candle holder.

kvetova mozaika krok 5akvetova mozaika krok 5bxxkvetova mozaika krok 5c

 kvetova mozaika krok 7xxxkvetova mozaika krok 8bkvetova mozaika krok 6xx

kvetova mozaika krok 10kvetova mozaika krok 13

kvetova mozaika krok 14

If you do not use gloves, first check that you can wash the glue from your hands.
Fill the jar with jam before decorating it. Boil it and allow it to cool.