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Tinkly necklace

Tinkly necklace

Linked bead cluster on a chain

Bead color mixes by PRECIOSA ORNELA are highly popular. You can easily create an elegant necklace, if you have a range of different sized, matching beads available.

Be inspired by the range of beads sold under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM brand!

Designer: Helena Chmelíková 

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Materials and tools:

any arbitrary mixture of PRECIOSA beads

zvonivy nahrdelnik material

- metal parts (copper has been used in the example): eye pins (a large number; various lengths or one length of around 30 mm which you can then shorten); about 60 cm of chain (all of the links oriented in the same direction; made from thin, but strong wire); ovals or small rings;
- needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers (for closing the ovals); snipping pliers; 

zvonivy nahrdelnik pomuckyl 


Step 1:
Choose the materials. Use a mixture of large and small shapes.

zvonivy nahrdelnik krok1

Step 2:
Link up all of the selected shapes. Put a shape onto an eye pin. Shorten any protruding wire to about 10 mm. Grasp the edge of the protruding pin between the points of the needle nose pliers at the very end of the points. Twist the protruding wire around the point of the pliers.
Delicately bend the wire around the edge of the hole so that a loop is created.

zvonivy nahrdelnik krok2bxzvonivy nahrdelnik krok2c

Step 3:
Cut off about 58 cm of chain for the necklace. Start hanging the shapes from the centre of the chain. Use the big shapes first. Use progressively smaller shapes as you approach the edges. Hang one shape from each link in the chain. Decorate about 16 cm of the chain. Shorten one side of the chain by about 6 cm from the end. Open an oval. String a carabiner on it. Suspend the oval on the last link of the chain and close it. Suspend a smaller shape on the last link of the unshortened side of the chain.

zvonivy nahrdelnik krok3azvonivy nahrdelnik krok3bzvonivy nahrdelnik krok3czvonivy nahrdelnik krok3e

zvonivy nahrdelnik krok3fzvonivy nahrdelnik krok3gzvonivy nahrdelnik krok3ex

Hanging the shapes on the chain. Slightly open the created loop. Hang it on a link of the chain. Completely close the linked loop. Use the needle nose pliers.

zvonivy nahrdelnik krok3izvonivy nahrdelnik krok3jzvonivy nahrdelnik krok3k

zvonivy nahrdelnik krok5zvonivy nahrdelnik krok6

zvonivy nahrdelnik krok4