Calendar 2020

Around the world with seed beads. Take a look at the Preciosa Ornela calendar for 2020!

North America, Mexico, Africa, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic

Here and in many other countries and continents, seed beads from the Crystal Valley are transformed into remarkable works of art, which incorporate a message, the culture of the given country or the artistry of individuals, in the hands of the members of traditional nations, professional designers and amateur admirers.

The team at Preciosa Ornela has created a printed six-page calendar, which will transport you into the environment of the six selected countries and acquaint you more closely with their typical seed bead products.

No matter whether this involves Malaysian slippers, a chief’s headband from a North American Indian tribe, a Russian kokoshnik, a typical Ukrainian necklace or traditional African women’s jewelry, Czech seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand always play an important role in the cultures of the individual nations.

We have selected a glistening seed bead handbag, a Charleston dress with tassels and costume jewelry accessories which were typical for the period of the First Republic to represent the Czech Republic.