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The Story of Czech Design

Století designu v českých zemích

A unique exhibition was commencing in Milan, it will then visit six European metropolises

Czech glass and Czech design constitute an inherent part of the story of the Czechoslovak state which came into being precisely one hundred years ago.

The exhibition entitled The Story of Czech Design/From Cubism to the 21st Century had its premiere at the Milan Czech Centre on 17th April as part of Milan Design Week. From there, it will set off to other destinations such as Zagreb, Budapest, Paris, Madrid, Helsinki or Sofia.

The exhibition includes a collection of living icons of Czech design – items which have clearly demonstrated their timeless quality by still being made or being brought back into production. One of these collections involves, for example, the limited edition of so-called "Tree Vases" by Václav Hanuš, successful pattern from the 1966, which at the same time also recall the 170th anniversary of the commencement of production at the Polubný glassworks in Desná, now PRECIOSA ORNELA.

The exhibition has been prepared by the Czech Centres in cooperation with the Applied Arts Museum in Prague. It is based on the recently published, well-received publication entitled Design in the Czech Lands 1900 – 2000. The entire Centuries of Design in the Czech Lands project is expected to last for two years.

invito the story of czech design milan

Václav Hanuš' so-called "Tree Vases" from 1966 are a part of the exhibition.

vazy 1966 v580


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