Passion flower

Difficulty: 3
Technique: sewing

PRECIOSA Chilli™ and PRECIOSA Farfalle™ bracelet

Our new PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ beautifully complement each other. Create an elegant bracelet with this project designed by Hana Černá.


Hana Černá

"I work with beads, therefore I am." The Czech designer Hana Černá, nicknamed Hanule, works with beads and seed beads because she loves being creative. She also teaches others who share her enthusiasm and she does it all with her own type of blacker than black humour. She established the Beads on Facebook (Korálek na Facebooku) group which provides inspiration, encouragement and advice in the area of beadworking.

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Step 1

Pick up two CH (facing each other) using the lower hole along with an R11 and F in this order: 1 F, 1 CH, 1 R11, 1 CH

Repeat this set 6x as shown on Figure 1a and Figure 1b.

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Step 2

Once all six sets are threaded, tie into a circle as shown in Figure 2a and Figure 2b.

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Step 3

Exit with the needle from R11 between a pair of CH, pick up 3x R11 and again thread the needle through R11 between the CH in the direction of the thread. A set of four seed beads will from between the Chilli beads as shown in Figure 3a and Figure 3b.

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Step 4

Create this set of four R11 6x – between each CH pair in the circle as shown in Figure 4a.
Next thread through the second CH hole as shown in Figure 4b.

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Step 5

Now pick up a 4 mm PB4 and R11 and thread the needle through the next CH.  Continue adding PB4 and R11 between each set of CH in the circle. The flower will start to take shape as shown in Figure 5a, Figure 5b, and Figure 5c.

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Step 6

Exit the R11 with the needle from the upper set of four seed beads. This R11 set will act as the foundation for the second level of the flower. Pick up sets of 2 CH (through the lower hole) between the top R11 as shown in Figure 6a and Figure 6b.

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Step 7

Once the second circle of CH is finished exit with the needle through the second hole of the CH and pick up a PB4, pass the needle through the next CH and pick up another PB4. Continue in this way until you have added a total of six PB4. See Figures 7a and 7b.

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Step 8

The base of the flower is now complete. Pass the needle through a set of four R11. Pick up a FPB12 and thread the needle through the opposite set of four R11. To strengthen the flower sew through the FPB12 several times. See Figures 8a and 8b.

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Step 9

Sew around the flower as shown in Figure 9.

You have now created one flower component. You will need five or six flowers for the bracelet depending on how large you want the bracelet to be. Join the individual flowers using R11 and add a magnetic clasp set to join the ends. 
If you would rather create a set of earrings do not attach the centre FPB12 using beading thread.  Use an earring pin to thread the FPB12 and pass this through a set of four R11.  Attach the pin to an earring finding. 

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