Hana Černá

"I work with beads, therefore I am."

The Czech designer Hana Černá, nicknamed Hanule, works with beads and seed beads because she loves being creative. She also teaches others who share her enthusiasm and she does it all with her own type of blacker than black humour. She established the Beads on Facebook (Korálek na Facebooku) group which provides inspiration, encouragement and advice in the area of beadworking.

I discovered my love of beads at an association which helped people with disabilities. First and foremost, I find beads to be an excellent form of rehabilitation for fine motor skills and also very relaxing. They help me to better come to terms with my illness and to fight the difficulties presented by daily life with multiple sclerosis.

Beads have been my biggest hobby since 2006. Five years later, I started teaching beadworking courses at hobby stores and leading workshops in association with PRECIOSA ORNELA. Then I received the opportunity to make designs using new beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. Thanks to PRECIOSA ORNELA, my designs have appeared in international hobby magazines or on promotional material.

As well as the tutorials for PRECIOSA ORNELA, which are available to download free of charge from www.preciosa-ornela.com/cz/projekty, you can also find tutorials for my designs in the Czech magazine Korálki or in the Australian digital magazine Digital Beading Australia in English.

"Beads are a love
Beads are a passion,
Beads are a plague!!!
We can love beads like crazy or hate them to death!!!"
"I love them..."