Preciosa at the 2020 Jablonec Triennial

The 2020 Jablonec Triennale will soon begin and Preciosa will be part of it!

Once again after three years. This time, however, you can look forward to a selection of product brands from Preciosa Ornela.


The very best of glass and costume jewellery in the Czech market for the last three years is here!

The Trends.Design.Production main exhibition will commence on Saturday 20. 6. 2020 and will continue at the Museum of Glass and Costume Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou until 1. 11. 2020.

There will also be something for the children! the Museum will offer an accompanying program for families with children.
- Games with (not only) glass - 21.6. - 6.9. - permanent workshops for families with children in the studio (they will take place according to the program)

Visit the TRIENNALE!


PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™

We will present 3 costume jewellery sets from various designers to represent the Czech glass beads and seed beads sold under this brand.

The SUNSET costume jewellery set

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™

The SUNSET costume jewelry set with fusing components, a 2020 spring-summer trend collection

The TRENDS category
Design: Helena Chmelíková

The seed bead fusing technique gives rise to unique designer glass which can subsequently also be shaped. The SUNSET costume jewelry set hints at what the merger of both PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ and PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brands would look like.

SPRING MOOD necklace

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™

The SPRING MOOD necklace made of PRECIOSA Rocailles in new glass colors.

The DESIGN category
Design: Alexandra Lysenko

The light shades of LILAC and PINK have been new to the rocaille product range in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand since 2019. This involves an exceptional intervention in the standard extensive color scale after many years. There are 3 new natural colors, 2 surface finishes and 6 sizes. The delicate pink and lilac shades in opaque colors and the transparent lilac color can also be adorned with the sfinx and rainbow surface finishes.


PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™

A handbag and costume jewelery set AURINKO made of PRECIOSA MC Rocailles in the 11/0 size with a surface finish in galvanic gold (MAG)

The PRODUCTION category
Design: Atlas Bijoux

The Preciosa Ornela rocaille range is offered in a wide range of colors and sizes with top quality and regularity. The luxury PRECIOSA MC Rocaille collection supported with exclusive surface finishes is new for the marketing campaign at the end of 2020. Thanks to the new cutting technology, facets of almost twice the size can be created and their glisten is guaranteed by the absolute perfection of the surfaces.

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™

The Preciosa Ornela product brand of glass products and semi-products will be represented by the following 3 exhibits

The Fingers vases

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™

The Fingers vases

The TRENDS category
Design: Josef Kruml

We present the Fingers vase in several different clear glass finishes with a polished, matt, combined or "optyš" versions. Additionally also in blue silk glass. The variability adds to the vase's attractiveness.

A bowl made of LIBA Colors 96 glass

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™

A bowl made of LIBA Colors 96 glass

The DESIGN category
Design: Šárka Horčicová

The collection of LIBA Colors 96 glass rods which Preciosa Ornela introduced to its customers in 2018 is simply made for the production of melted and subsequently shaped objects. In this case, the fusing technique was used.

Tree vases

PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™

Tree vases (1966, the Design Desná exhibition held on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of glass production in Desná in 2017)

The PRODUCTION category
Design: Václav Hanuš

Glass blown into a metal form, cut and matt

In the 1970s, distinctive colour tones came to the fore in traditionally clear pressed glass and crystal on the basis of requests from customers. As an internal designer at the Jablonec Glassworks, Václav Hanuš was, of course, forced to not only resolve any design questions, but also the production-technological questions. And that is how the "tree" vases, which subsequently became a commercial hit, were created.

As such they have been included among the exhibits at 2017 Jablonec Triennial as a reminder of the significance of the operation of the Desná glassworks, whose products bear the Desná Since 1847 brand. The era was also accompanied by the book publication GLASS FROM DESNÁ 1847 - 2017 (author: Petr Nový)

June 20th, 2020 – November 1st, 2021 

U Muzea 398/4
466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou


20. 6. - 1. 11. 2020
Industry, high-tech, special products, craft.


Preciosa is also part of the MATERIAL : GLASS – ARCHITECTURE exhibition, which runs on-line this year.

There are not many materials in the world that have as many uses in so many different areas of human activity as glass. We encounter this material literally at every step, thanks to its unique chemical-physical and optical-aesthetic properties. It has become an essential functional part of modern architecture, for both the exterior and interior. Every month, new products appear on the market providing new user comfort, better environmental conservation or safety, or ideally all these together. And even architects don’t lag behind in their desire to design buildings around the world with the attribute of “the best”, which will be the talk of the town, for which glass is the perfect medium.

We present the modular system ridge stone - KUF, which was also a significant element of the Design Desná exhibition in 2017, performed within the 170th anniversary of the tradition of the industrial production of glass in Desná.

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Modular system ridge stone - KUF

The Design Desná exhibition in 2017.