Josef Kruml

A designer, design engineer and glass shaping and working technologist at Preciosa Ornela, Desná

*1957, Kadaň


Josef Kruml was accepted into the glass engraving course at the Glass Industry Secondary School in Kamenický Šenov in 1973 and he graduated in 1977. In 1979, he entered the Glass Shaping and Working Department of the Technical Development Section at the Jablonecké sklárny Desná state enterprise.

He subsequently became part of the Design Department as a designer in 1983. He has also performed design and production preparation activities in operations in Janov nad Nisou, Josefův Důl, Smržovka and Lučany nad Nisou. He performed design activities in the successor companies of Desenské sklárny and Ornela a.s. until 1993, when Ornela a.s. cancelled the position of internal designer.

As well as the preparation and realisation of commercial products, he was also involved in the preparation of the production of sets and solitary pieces based on his designs at that time.

For example, in 1986, he designed a vase with six longitudinal depressions blown into a metal mould. In 2014, he produced this shape in a coloured version and in 2017 it was realised in a limited series in a "matt" variant and decorated in an "optiš" variant. In 1987, he designed a five-piece set which was blown into a metal mould and decorated with round cutting. In 1988, a vase and jar were realised from a three-piece set blown into a metal mould. In 1989, he created a three-piece set of rotating shapes decorated with round cutting. In 1991, he created a five-piece edged set with an in-melted decoration for Desenské sklárny and Lustrové sklo Smržovka and a three-piece blown jar for Ornela a.s in 1993.

His technological activities in this period include his proposal for a new approach and equipment for the creation of internal coloured "linear" decorations for the range of paperweights from 1992 and the new approach and equipment for shaping "solifleur" vases from 1993.

He is currently involved in production innovation in the Technical Production Preparation Section at PRECIOSA ORNELA a.s. in Desná.

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