Rainbow Chain

Difficulty: 1
Technique: stringing

Necklace in PRECIOSA PermaLux colors

Create a rainbow necklace in PRECIOSA PermaLux colors according to our tutorial. Even children will be able to make this happy, colorful necklace or bracelet out of connected seed bead rings quite easily. Each child can design their own necklace, so give their little hands something to do and let them get creative.

Step 1

String 40x beads in one color. If you want smaller rings, string fewer seed beads.

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Step 2

Tie off the end with a double knot so that a seed bead ring is created.


Step 3

String another 40x seed beads in a different colour and thread the line through the first seed bead ring. Then tie it off once again with a double knot.

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Step 4

Continue until you have the desired necklace length.

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