Plaited Farfalle

Difficulty: 2
Designer: Jaroslava Růžičková
Technique: stringing on wire, braiding

Bracelets made from PRECIOSA Farfalle™

The shape of the unique PRECIOSA Farfalle™ seed bead stands out best in simple stringings, in which the beads automatically interlock.

Try this extremely simple procedure to create a braided bracelet which is sure to become one of your favourite accessories.

Choose a suitable combination from among the wide range of colors and surface finishes available in PRECIOSA Farfalle™ and from both of the seed bead's sizes or you can also choose the cut variant. String them onto memory wire which you will then plaint into a braid with the strung Farfalle.

Materials & Tools


Memory wire with a diameter of 7 cm; snipping pliers; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers; a hollow cylindrical bar (2x); 8 mm rings (2x); 4 mm rings (2x); 15 mm eye pin (2x)


Step 1

Cut off 9 full curves of memory wire with the snipping pliers (fig. no. 1a). Create a loop on one end of each wire and check that all the pieces of wire are of the same length (fig. nos. 1b and 1c).

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Step 2

You need to prepare the strung wires in threes. Consider how you will combine the Farfalle and string 6 wires with the same Farfalle (figure no. 2a) and 3 wires with a supplementary color or a different size (figure no. 2b). Leave the last 1.5 cm of wire free and form a loop of the same size using the needle nose pliers (figure nos. 2c and 2d).

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Step 3

Put the strung wires together in threes (figure no. 3a) and insert their free ends into the opening in the hollow cylindrical bar (figure nos. 3b and 3c) and then close it by pressing the side (figure nos. 3d, 3e).

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Step 4

Plait the wires into braids in threes (figure no. 4a). Then insert the end loops into the opening of the hollow bar and close it (figure no. 4b).

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Step 5

The braided bracelet made from memory wire holds its shape well and does not need a fastening (fig. no. 5a). It is possible to use the rings and eye pins to add a Farfalle decoration to the central eyelet on the metal bars or you can also add a fastening, if necessary (fig. nos. 5b, 5c, 5d).

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