Floral earrings made from PRECIOSA Chilli™

Try making these impressive Marguerite earrings from PRECIOSA Chilli™ beads. PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Chilli™ pressed bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

The elongated imaginative shape supplements the popular range of two-hole beads, especially as it has an identical hole spacing to the other beads in this range. The axially deviated location of both holes means that these beads are suitable for simple compositions involving a regular stringing on a taut or flexible material, during which the first bead's ridge interlocks excellently in the side dimple of the adjacent bead. The flattened shape and the lateral orientation of the holes enable the creation of flat embossed applications in combination with round beads and seed beads up to the size of 4 mm.

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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R11)
331 19 001; 11/0; 

57102 or

kopretiny rokajl 57102

37328 (18x in the given color)

kopretiny rokajl fialovy

PRECIOSA Chilli™ (Ch)
111 01 357; 4 x 11 mm;

02010/25E01 or

kopretiny chilli 02010 25E01

02010/25011 (36x in the given color)

kopretiny chilli 02010 25011

PRECIOSA Farfalle™ (F)
321 90 001; 2 x 4 mm;

81093 or

kopretiny farfalle 81093

51086 (20x in the given color)

kopretiny farfalle fialova

a needle; a 0.20 mm line; metal earring screen; an earring stud

kopretiny pomucky


Step 1:
Alternately string 9x R11 and 9x Ch on the needle and the line (fig. nos. 1, 2). Tie the line with the strung R11 and Ch into a circle. Thread the needle and the line through the first R11 and Ch one more time (fig. no. 3) and then through the second hole of the first Ch (fig. no. 4).

fig. no. 1

kopretiny pomucky krok 1a

fig. no. 2

kopretiny pomucky krok 1b

fig. no. 3

kopretiny pomucky krok 1c

fig. no. 4

kopretiny pomucky krok 1d

Step 2:
Add 1x Ch between each Ch (fig. no. 5). Straighten the strung seed beads, tighten the stringing and sew in the thread (fig. no. 6).

fig. no. 5

kopretiny pomucky krok 2a

fig. no. 6

kopretiny pomucky krok 2b

Step 3:
Sew the circle with the Marguerite petals onto the edge of the earring mesh (fig. nos. 7, 8).

fig. no. 7

kopretiny pomucky krok 3a

fig. no. 8

kopretiny pomucky krok 3b

Step 4:
Sew in 9x around the circumference of the centre of the Marguerite on the screen and 1x to the centre of the mesh. Straighten and slightly tighten the individual when sewing them on. Sew the end of the line in, hide it between the seed beads and cut it off (fig. no. 9). 

fig. no. 9

kopretiny pomucky krok 4

kopretiny 7akopretiny 6akopretiny 1kopretiny 4

kopretiny 3