Love heart

Difficulty: 2
Technique: right-angle weave stitch

Heart made of PRECIOSA PermaLux seed beads

Make a love heart and gift it to someone you love. This tutorial will help you make a heart that can be used as a basis for earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or a keyring pendant. Connect several hearts together and create a necklace that you can wear whenever; not just on Saint Valentine's Day.


Natálie Škodová

Profile Natálie Škodová Even though she studied music at the Academy of the Musical Arts, beadworking and the production of jewellery enchanted her so much that she eventually decided to fully devote herself to this art form in 2012.

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Step 1

Start sewing the PRECIOSA PermaLux seed beads. Use the seed beads with a silver lining later to decorate the heart. String 4 seed beads onto the thread, move them to the centre of the thread, pull them into a circle and tie a knot. This will create the initial square.


Step 2

Sew through any of the seed beads, string 3 seed beads and return to the same bead from the opposite side.


Step 3

Sew the first of the small cube's four walls in this way.


Step 4

Sew through another seed bead from the initial square, string 2 seed beads and pull the thread through the seed bead from the previous square and then through 2 seed beads from the initial square.


Step 5

You have now sewn the small cube's second wall.


Step 6

String 2 seed beads again, sew through a seed bead from the previous square, then 2 seed beads from the initial square followed by a seed bead from the first square.


Step 7

String one seed bead and sew through a seed bead from the third square from above. Then sew through a seed bead from the initial square and a seed bead from the first square.


Step 8

You have now completed the fourth wall of the cube. Now move to the upper section of the cube and connect all the seed beads together.

8 / a

Step 9

Continue sewing several cubes in the same way according to how many your design requires (this project requires 13 of them).

9 / a

Step 10

This will create a pipe.

10 / a

Step 11

In the next step, you have to tie a right angle knot so that you can start sewing the cube on one of the pipe's side walls.

11 / a

Step 12

The sewing procedure is the same as at the start.
Each of the heart's sides must have the same number of cubes (in practice, this means that if one side has 13, the second must have 2 less, i.e. 11, because 2 of them will be common to both sides). Sew 5 cubes onto one end of the tube, then move to the other end and create a right angle in the same way, but in a different direction. Sew 5 cubes again.


Step 13

Now create a heart from the produced structure. Twist the right-hand end of the pipe down towards the left-hand end and then sew the ends together in such a way so that you once again create a square from both sides. Sew each side gradually: string one string bead, pass the thread through to the seed bead from one side of the heart, then string one seed bead again and return to the seed bead that the thread came from.

13 / a

Step 14

Sew through 4 seed beads one more time for better tightening.
This means that you have sewn the first wall. Turn the heart, emerge from the seed beads on the right-hand side, string one seed bead and return to the left-hand seed bead from above. Pass the thread through all 4 once again. Sew another wall in this way. The last wall will not require any seed beads to be added, because they have already all been sewn on. You only need to pull all 4 together.

14 / a

Step 15

The heart has now been completely sewn.
You can now decorate it, which will also give it greater rigidity.
Use the seed beads with a silver lining.
Initially sew around the outer side of the heart with 10/0 size seed beads.
Emerge with the thread from the outer edge of any seed bead. String one seed bead with a silver lining in the 10/0 size - and sew through another seed bead from the heart.


Step 16

Continue around the entire circumference in this way.
Use size 13/0 seed beads to sew the upper part of the heart instead of the 10/0 seed beads.


Step 17

Turn the heart and continue on the other side in the same way.


Step 18

Sew the internal part of the heart in the same way, but using size 13/0 seed beads. Change the needle for a size 12 as needed.


Step 19

Sew through several seed beads in the arches without stringing anything in order to ensure a better shape for the heart.


Step 20

Do the same from the other side.
The sewing is now completed. Tie a knot, cut off the line and the heart is finished.



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