Jasmine flower

Flower from PRECIOSA Pip™

The new PRECIOSA Pip™ Pressed Bead in the shape of a small seed has provided inspiration for the creation of an infinite series of flower motifs.

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Pip™ Pressed Bead, this time in a tutorial for the creation of costume jewelry accessories with stylised jasmine flowers. The relatively simple procedure will enable you to create the basic flower which can then be used in a bracelet, earrings, a pendant or a ring. This diminutive bead with the dimensions of 5 x 7 mm has the symmetrical shape of a small seed, on whose facets all types of surface finishes look great. PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you many creative ideas with this new bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand.

Materials and tools:


111 01 346; 5 x 7 mm (16x)


PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)

331 19 001; 11/0 (73x)


Fire Polished Beads

151 19 001; 4 mm


a thin stringing needle (0.40 mm), a line (0.20 mm), scissors, metal parts and accessories as needed


Difficulty: ooooo


The procedure:

Create the basic flower according to the detailed illustrations. It can then be further used in costume jewellery accessories according to your imagination.

See the illustrations by Mrs Haserodt 1.- 16.

kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 01kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 02kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 03kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 04

kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 05kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 06kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 07kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 08

kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 09kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 10kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 11kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 12

kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 13kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 14kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 15kvet z PRECIOSA Pip 16

kvet z PRECIOSA Pip obr01kvet z PRECIOSA Pip obr02

kvet z PRECIOSA Pip obr03kvet z PRECIOSA Pip obr04

kvet z PRECIOSA Pip obr05kvet z PRECIOSA Pip obr06

kvet z PRECIOSA Pip obr07

Designer: Olga Haserodt

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