Olga Haserodt

Olga Haserodt was born in the Russian town of Astrakhan, but she has lived with her family in Germany for more than ten years. She came to love handcrafts during her childhood thanks to the influence of her mother and grandmother.

She began working with beads and seed beads during her third pregnancy. Initially, she made seed bead decorations for Easter eggs, but she soon moved from this to costume jewelry design. She has learnt most of the techniques which she uses today with the help of the internet. She therefore says that she is mostly self-taught. The positive reactions to her work give her strength and motivate her to make more creative work. She likes to participate in competitions, because the set themes inspire her to come up with further creative ideas and to realize new work. She likes to try out new techniques and materials. Understanding and resonating with them then constitutes the true victory for her.

"What I hear, I will forget. What I see, I will remember. What I try, I will understand." Confucius

Olga Hazerodt, Sulzbach, Germany
Email: olga.haserodt@gmx.net
Blog: perlenharmonyoase.blogspot.de
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