Earrings made with the PRECIOSA Ripple™ pressed bead

Rocaille stars floating on a setting of rippling beads never loose their brilliance even when contrasted with their mat appearance.

Round flattened PRECIOSA Ripple™ beads with dimensions of 12 mm have a centrally located hole and a rippled surface on both sides. The identical profile on both sides of the bead enables their 100% use during the application of a series of ten new types of combined, dual colored vacuum decors known as California. The rippled surface of the bead brings warmth to the metallic decors in both the mat and polished finish.

The central location of the hole means that this bead is predestined to be combined with seed beads or with small fire polished beads in a stringing or embroidery.


icon pdf downloadYou can download project in PDF here.


Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Ripple™ (Rip)

111 01 351; 12 mm; 00030/98850 (10x)

souhvezdi b

PRECIOSA rocaille (R7)

331 19 001; 7/0; 78102 (100x)

souhvezdi c

a 0.5 cm ring (14x); an afro-hook (2 pieces of line); 0.18 mm ca 90 cm; a thin sewing needle; scissors; flat nose pliers

souhvezdi a



Step 1:

String 5x R7 onto the needle and line and tie them together with a double knot (fig. no. 1). Thread the line around the stringing one more time in order to strengthen it.

souhvezdi 1

Step 2:

The needle will emerge from the rocaille. String 1x R7 and thread the needle and line through the neighboring R in the circle (fig. no. 2). Continue all the way around in this manner until you have a further bead between each R7. You will add a total of 5x R7 in this step (fig. no. 2a).

souhvezdi 2souhvezdi 2a

Step 3:

The needle will emerge from the last added R7 (fig. no. 3a). String 2x R7 and thread the needle through the next protruding R7. Repeat this step until you have enclosed the circle (fig. no. 3b). You will add a total of 10x R7 (fig. no. 3c).

souhvezdi 3asouhvezdi 3bsouhvezdi 3c

Step 4:

The needle will emerge from the first rocaille in the added pair from the last step (fig. no. 4a). String 1x R7 and thread the needle through the second rocaille (fig. no. 4b), then through the rocaille between the pair and then once again through the first rocaille from the pair and continue in this way until you have finished the base of the star (fig. no. 4c).

souhvezdi 4asouhvezdi 4bsouhvezdi 4c

Step 5:

The needle emerges from the point of the star (fig. no. 5a), add 1x Rip and 1x R7, return to the other side through the central hole in the Rip (fig. no. 5b), pull the line through the rocaille at the point of the star on the other side (fig. no. 5c) and add the beads to the next point of the star (fig. no. 5d) where you will repeat the step until you have strung 5x Rip and 5x R7 (fig. no. 5e).

souhvezdi 5asouhvezdi 5bsouhvezdi 5c

souhvezdi 5dsouhvezdi 5e

Step 6:

Thread the needle through the Rip to the second side and then thread it through the R7. Add 3x R7 and thread the needle through the R7 next to the neighboring Rip (fig. no. 6a, 6b). Repeat this step until you have closed the circle (fig. no. 6c).

souhvezdi 6asouhvezdi 6bsouhvezdi 6c

Step 7:

The needle will emerge from the last R7 of the trio added in the last step and you must thread it through the next, first-added R7 from the trio (fig. no. 7a). Once again, repeat this all the way round (fig. no. 7b).

souhvezdi 7asouhvezdi 7b

Step 8.

This time, the needle will emerge from the central R7 from step 6 and you should add 1x R7 and thread the needle through the following central R7 (fig. no. 8a). Repeat this step until you have closed the circle (fig. no. 8b).

souhvezdi 8asouhvezdi 8b

Step 9:

Tighten the five last-added rocailles in this step so that the center is pulled in. Tie knots and sew both ends of the lines into the nearest R7 (fig. no. 9).

souhvezdi 9

Step 10:

Now attach 3x rings (fig. nos. 10a, 10b) to the same point of the star on each side using the pliers and connect the last added rings with a single ring onto which you should string an afro-hook and close it (fig. no. 10c).

souhvezdi 10asouhvezdi 10bsouhvezdi 10c

You now have one completed earring. Repeat steps 1-10 and you will have a finished pair.

souhvezdi 11asouhvezdi 11b

souhvezdi 12souhvezdi 13

icon pdf downloadDownload Constellation in PDF



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