Colorful Christmas bauble

Difficulty: 3
Technique: crocheting

Crocheted seed bead ball made from PRECIOSA PermaLux

Brighten up Christmas with colorful seed bead designs! We present a tutorial on how to make a colorful crocheted seed bead ball to decorate your Christmas tree. PRECIOSA PermaLux seed beads will help you create happy and colorful designs. We wish you happy beadworking and a Merry Christmas!


Alexandra Lysenko - Snow Mirna

Her name has resounded throughout the world of bead and seed bead costume jewellery for a number of years.

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Material and Tools


Crocheting yarn; a Big Eye needle or a stringing needle with a loop made from a thin thread; a 1 mm hook; a long eye pin; a cap; a ping-pong ball or a 3.5-4.0 cm polystyrene ball


Scissors; pliers


Step 1

String the seed beads onto the crocheting yarn. First string 30x R10b for the finishing. Continue stringing the seed beads according to the pattern in the picture (fig. no. 1a the pattern) - the direction of stringing is indicated by the arrow or you can string according to the stringing table (fig no. 1b the stringing). The grey points are omitted, while the black points indicate the PermaLux mix. Only the colored seed beads are strung (fig. no. 1c).

TIP: Divide the rows using little pieces of paper to avoid making any mistakes between the rows.

The breakdown of the number of seed beads by rows.

1st row – 6 seed beads
2nd row – 12 seed beads
3rd row – 18 seed beads
4th row – 24 seed beads
5th row – 30 seed beads
6th row – 36 seed beads
7th row – 42 seed beads
8th row – 48 seed beads
9th row – 54 seed beads
10th row – 60 seed beads
11th - 25th row– 66 seed beads
26th row – 60 seed beads
27th row – 54 seed beads
28th row – 48 seed beads
29th row – 42 seed beads
30th row – 36 seed beads
31st row – 30 seed beads
32nd row – 24 seed beads
33rd row – 18 seed beads
34th row – 12 seed beads
35th row – 6 seed beads

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Step 2

We have shown the crocheting procedure here using a contrasting thread with larger seed beads as an example. Make the initial loop followed by two chain loops without any seed beads (fig. nos. 2a-2b). Pass the hook through the first loop and then double crochet 6 times onto the first loop so that you create a circle (fig. no. 2c).

2 / a

Step 3

Add 6 seed beads to the 1st seed bead row (fig. no. 3a). Double crochet behind both threads (Vs): poke in under the thread, move 1 seed bead from above and double crochet (fig. nos. 3b-3d). Then double crochet again without any seed beads onto the same loop (fig. nos. 3e-3f). Create the entire row in the same way (fig. no. 3g).

3 / a

Step 4

Add 6 seed beads in the next row – a total of 12 all around. Always add them to the last (empty) loop that you had added in the previous row (fig. no. 4a). Poke in under the thread, move 1 seed bead from above and double crochet up to the first loop with the seed bead (fig. no. 4b-4c). Then add another seed bead to the empty loop (fig no. 4d) and double crochet without any seed beads up to the same loop (fig. nos. 4e-4f). Create the entire row in the same way (fig. no. 4g).

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Step 5

Crochet the next rows in the same way and add a loop with a seed bead and one empty loop to each last (empty) loop at the point of the sector until you have 60 seed beads all around (fig. nos. 5a-5f).

5 / a

Step 6

In the 11th row, crochet one loop with a seed bead into each loop and do not add any empty loops at the end of the sector (fig. no. 6a). Each sector will have 11 seed beads and there will be a total of 66 seed beads all around (fig. no. 6b).

6 / a

Step 7

Crochet a further 14 rows into each sector until you have created a little bowl (fig. no. 7a). You can insert the ball in this step (fig. no. 7b). The number of seed beads is then reduced by omitting the first double crochet in each sector (fig. nos. 7c-7e). Reduce the number of seed beads by a total of 6 all around, so that you have a total of 60 seed beads (fig. no. 7f). Continue reducing the seed beads until only 6 remain (fig. no. 7g-7h).

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Step 8

Create a small tube for attaching the cap. Crochet 5 rows of tube with a slip stitch onto the last 6 seed beads (fig. nos. 8a-8c).

8 / a

Step 9

In order to fasten the cap, insert the eye pin eye-first into the tube (fig. no. 9a), string the remaining yarn onto a needle and sew up the opening. Tie a knot and cut off any remaining yarn (fig. no. 9b). String the cap and a decorative seed bead onto the eye pin (fig. no. 9c), create an eye with the pliers, into which you can then thread a cord for hanging (fig. no. 9d).

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