Candy Cane

Difficulty: 2
Technique: crochet

Crocheted Christmas seed bead decoration

We present a tutorial for a crocheted Christmas decoration in the well-known shape of a candy cane. You can use it as a Christmas tree decoration or to decorate a branch in a vase as a Christmas decoration. We have used a colorful mixture of seed beads from the PRECIOSA PermaLux collection to make this candy cane and the result is superb! We wish you a happy and colorful Christmas.


Alexandra Lysenko - Snow Mirna

Her name has resounded throughout the world of bead and seed bead costume jewellery for a number of years.

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Material and Tools


Crocheting yarn; a Big Eye needle or a stringing needle with an eye made from a fine line; a 1 mm hook; 1.5 mm soft wire; scissors; pliers


Step 1

First create a 15 cm long tube with 8 seed beads around the circumference and then string ca 120 cm of seed beads in the following order: 8x R10b at the beginning, the 120 cm of 1x R10b, 3x R10c, 1x R10b, 3x R10a and 8x R10b again at the end.


Step 2

Create the basic loop. Keep it quite large, as you will use it later to join the seed beads into a ring. Count off 8 seed beads and crochet a chain with the seed beads. Move one seed bead as close as possible to the hook, then grasp the yarn behind it and crochet the first loop with a seed bead. Repeat the procedure another 7 times and thus create a chain consisting of 8 links with 8 seed beads (fig. no. 2a- 2b).

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Step 3

Thread the hook through the initial basic loop and pull the yarn with both loops at the same time (fig. nos. 3a – 3b). Then poke the hook into the loop from the left, turn the seed bead downwards to the right, move it as near as possible to the next seed bead, grasp the yarn with the hook and crochet a slip stitch (tighten the yarn with both loops at the same time), (fig. no. 3c). Add the seed beads to the second row (fig. no. 3d).

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Step 4

Crochet a number of slip stitches with seed beads in a spiral. If all the seed beads in all the rows have their holes turned in the direction of crocheting (upwards), you have proceeded correctly (fig. no. 4a). Continue crocheting and use up all the seed beads (fig. no. 4b).

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Step 5

Prepare a piece of wire that is 16 cm long. Twist the end of the wire using the pliers (fig. no. 5a). Insert the wire into the tube (fig. no. 5b) and then sew up the opening with the remainder of the yarn so that the wire cannot be seen. Hide the yarn inside the tube and cut off the remainder (fig. no. 5c). Bend the wire into the shape of a candy cane (fig. no. 5d). If you wish, you can decorate the candy cane with a bow on a ribbon (fig. nos. 5e + 5f).

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Designer Alexandra Lysenko demonstrates a tutorial for a crocheted Christmas decoration in the well-known shape 
of a candy cane. 

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