Atlas Lilies

Difficulty: 2
Technique: Wirework

Decorative Lily made from PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™

We bring you this project, designed by Carla Ruvolo, for a delicate decorative floral element made of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ and seed beads.

Preciosa Ornela manufactures the widest product range of glass seed beads in the world. One of the most colorful finishes we offer is Solgel, with thirty different shades that all come in three different color intensities. Our Solgel colors can be usinapplied to your choice of crystal, silver-lined crystal, alabaster and chalkwhite beads. The hexagonal PRECIOSA Two-Cut, made from satin glass, transforms spectacularly with Solgel. Applied to the uniquely airy white satin glass, Solgel adds a luxurious element to the seed bead product range by imbuing the glass with a silk-like appearance and shine.


Carla Ruvolo

An artist. Carla Ruvolo is Italian. As a mother of two, she don’t have too much free time but whenever she can relax beads are her first choice.

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Step 1

Making the accent leaves

On 0.30 green wire, load approximately 10 cm T-C atlas green, a few IMs or FPBs, and 10, 12 cm green R (fig. 1b). 

1 / a

Step 2

Using the continuos wraparound technique, make a tiny loop using 9 R (fig. 2a). Make a second larger loop (fig. 2b).

2 / a

Step 3

Gently pinch the top of the second loop to achieve a pointed leave.


Step 4

Repeat the previous step to make more tiny leaves.


Step 5

Make several tiny stems using IMs or FPBs at your choice between the leaves.


Step 6

You can make one or more accent leaves.


Step 7

Making the leaves

Basic Frame Technique

Load 0.50 green wire with T-C (fig. 7b).

7 / a

Step 8

Make a tiny loop on the top.


Step 9

Slide four T-C (this will be the first basic row.


Step 10

Make a loop on the bottom, under the T-Cs.


Step 11

Twist a few times, slide some T-Cs on the working wire.


Step 12

Make the second row wrapping the working wire around the center wire. Use the amount of T-Cs needed to reach the top of the previous row. The angle of the wire as you wrap will change the shape of your leaf. If you want a pointed leaf keep the angle of the wire at 45 degrees while you wrap it around the center wire.


Step 13

Slide some T-Cs to the top where you just make the wrap.


Step 14

Wrap the working wire at the base of the first rows (keep an angle of 45 degrees to achieve a pointed bottom leaf). Now you have 3 completed rows.


Step 15

Repeat the steps to make the forth row.


Step 16

Complete the fift row.


Step 17

Remove any leftover T-C from the working wire and load approximately 10 cm of R and make 2 more rows.


Step 18

This will give to your leaf a more complete look.


Step 19

Twist a few times to secure the rows and cut the working wire.


Step 20

Twist wires together (a plier will help you to achieve a nice twist).


Step 21

Cut the top wire leaving 5-6 mm,


Step 22

Using pliers, bend the top wire on the back of the leaf.


Step 23

The Lily

We can use the same technique to make the petals of the flower. String the wire with Atlas 2-cut beads. Leave approx 7 beads on the core wire (fig. 23a).

Make the second row by crossing the wires with a 45° angle at the top and bottom of the petal (fig. 23b).

23 / a

Step 24

Make 7 rows of Atlas 2-cut beads and then string the wire with matching Solgel colour seed beads.


Step 25

Create the final 2 rows. Secure the wires on the bottom of the petal (similarly to the leaves). Cut the tip of the core wire, bend it and hide it behind the bead.


Step 26

Make 5 petals using the same number of core beads. (The petal shape depends on the number of beads on the core wire, the number of rows and the angle of the wire crossing at the top and the bottom). Increase the number of core beads and the number of rows for larger petals.


Step 27

Make 5 more petals in another colour.


Step 28

Make the stamens using yellow 2-cut Atlas beads.


Step 29

To assemble the flower, connect the first petal with the stamen using the 0.30 mm wire.


Step 30

Add the second petal so that it slightly overlaps the first.


Step 31

Continue adding petals. Secure them with the wire after each addition.


Step 32

Shape the petals and adjust the flowers. Wrap the stems with the green floral tape.


Step 33

In order to assemble a bouquet, create some decorative accents, leaves and flowers Wrap every stem with green floral tape.


Step 34

Begin assembling the smaller leaves with accent decorations (you can use pearls and fire polished beads to add a sparkle to your bouquet). 


Step 35

To make a bud, simply make an extra petal, wrap it on itself, add a leaf and shape it as a sepal wrapping it around the bud. Secure the wires and wrap it with the floral tape.


Krok 36

Add the bud to the smaller leaves.


Step 37

Bend the flower stems and add the flowers. Secure them with the 0.30 mm wire and then wrap wires with the floral tape.


Step 38

Add more leaves at the sides and on the bottom of the flowers. Shape the leaves and the flowers.

Play with the elements, colours and bead finish to create different designs.



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