Crocheted heart

Difficulty: 3
TECHNIQUE: crocheting

Heart made from beads and seed beads

Crocheting is nothing new. It is one of the simplest handcraft techniques and everybody can do it. The unique connection of crocheting and the use of a flexible stringing of seed beads form the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM brand will give rise to an interesting and effective result which will surprise everybody who tries it.String a crocheted flexible seed bead stringing on to a shaped wire and create a cute, colorful spring decoration.


Step 1

The basis for the effective result when using
this technique is the regular layout
of the seed beads which will subsequently
be strung and used for crocheting. We have
alternated various types of seed beads and
beads in our example. The leaves and tabs
will only be added at the beginning
of the stringing.

Step 2

Unwind the flexible stringing material from
the bobbin and string ca 1.20 m of string
beads. Do not yet cut the stringing material
from the bobbin (figure no. 2).


Step 3

Take the hook and make the basic loop at the start of the stringing (figure no. 3a). Create each next loop after the designated number of strung seed beads. Here, we have separated 3 pieces and crocheted 
a further loop onto the flexible stringing (figure no. 3b). Proceed in this manner until all the strung seed beads have been crocheted. When crocheting, tighten 
the stringing slightly so that sufficient
strength is guaranteed while at 
the same time ensuring the flexibility 
of the crocheted stringing.

3 / a

Step 4

The crocheted seed beads will measure 
ca 25 - 30 cm depending on how tight 
the stringing is. Now cut the stringing material from the bobbin with a reserve 
of ca 8 cm and pass the end through the last loop.

Step 5

Bend the wire in half and create a loop on one end with the linking pliers (figure no. 5a). Bend both ends of the wire equally into the shape of a heart (figure no. 5b). 
String the crocheted stringing onto 
a shaped wire using the individual crocheted loops (figure no. 5c + 5d).
Complete the heart with a loop which 
is created perpendicular to the loop on 
the other end of the wire. Thread the ribbon through this new loop and tie a bow (figure no. 5e + 5f).

5 / a