We are announcing a bead and seed bead competition

Your favourite Bead Shop!

Did you know that we sell our beads and seed beads to 80 countries throughout the world? This means that there are so many shops with our beads and seed beads throughout the world that it is just not possible for us to visit them all and even to meet you, our beloved beadworkers, there! 

You, no doubt, have your own favourite shop where you go to buy Czech beads and seed beads. Share a photograph of the shop that sells your PRECIOSA beads and seed beads. Post the photograph on your wall on Instagram or post it in the comments section of the competition post on Facebook. Don’t forget to include the shop’s name and its location and to add the hashtag #preciosabeads. 

Do you prefer buying your beads and seed beads online? Name your favourite e-shop for purchasing PRECIOSA beads and seed beads in the comments section.

the competition!


1.    Share a photograph of the bead shop where you most frequently purchase your PRECIOSA beads and seed beads, include the location and the shop’s name and add the hashtag #preciosabeads;

2.    Write the name of the e-shop where you most frequently purchase PRECIOSA beads and seed beads in the commentary.  

The competition will last from May 5 to 25, 2022.

We will select 10 winners on Instagram and 10 winners on Facebook who will win a package of beads and seed beads with a surprise from us!

Announcement of the winners

Instagram April 2022:

@embroidery Artist & designer

Facebook April 2022:

Anikó Hesz
Sara Lilja
Lucia Guarino
Lena Baila
Barbara Dowden Barnett
Sue Arencibia
Darlene Wise
Violeta Markova
Céline la Jardinière 
Graciela Boneta

Instagram March 2022:

Evseeva Victoria.
Lena Baila
Margarita Torres
Marianske van der Horst
Molly Peplau

Facebook March 2022:

Daniela Ancillotti
Jakub Kadlec
Kateřina Rybová
Lucie Langerová
Vladka Umlaufová

Instagram February 2022:


Facebook February 2022:

Leonor de Buijzer
Lucia Guarino
Ludmila Turzova
Mary Kearney
Monica Ioana
Lia Dipaola
Mariia Vovk
Sofi Fratelli
Fanni Fabra-Füstös
Zuz Ka

Instagram January 2022:

Manuel Makes
Sal’s Artisau
Handmade/Artesanato original
Alyona Art
Arghir Mihaela Georgeta
Sogni Swaro
Lena Baila
Accesories de Marce

Facebook January 2022:

Ilona Mlynaříková
Mariia Vovk
Monica Visconi
Zuz Ka
Fra Beads
Radka Fujdiaková
Lucia Guarino
Diana Carolina Gomez Carvajal
Zsuzsanna Lázár
Carolyn Cave