Little flowers

Little flower

Earrings made from PRECIOSA Tee™, PRECIOSA Candy™ and PRECIOSA Farfalle™

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents a brilliantly simple tutorial for the production of earrings for everyday wear and special occasions. Try out this combination of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.

Design: Jana Shweiki

You can very easily create a pair of timeless elegant earrings using this tutorial by Jana Shweiki. The central pistil of the little flower is made from the PRECIOSA Candy™ low cabochon. It is surrounded by leaves which are created by means of the alternate stringing of the new PRECIOSA Tee pressed bead with popular unique Czech PRECIOSA Farfalle™ seed beads.

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Materials and tools:

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/15726; 12x

drobna kvitka f003b

111 01 363; 8 mm; 00030/29501; 2x

drobna kvitka f003c

PRECIOSA Farfalle (F)
321 90 001; 3.2 x 6.5 mm; 58142; 12x

drobna kvitka f003a

0.20 mm line – a total length of ca 70 cm; a sewing needle; scissors; 2 butterfly clasps with a back; glue for adhering the butterfly clasps

drobna kvitka f001drobna kvitka f002

The procedure:

Sew through the initial row several time so that it is sufficiently strong.

Step 1:
Alternately string 6 F and 6 T (fig. no. 1 + fig. no. 2).

fig. no. 1

drobna kvitka f004

fig. no. 2

drobna kvitka f005

Step 2:
Align the T and F stringings so that they are all pointing in the same direction and tie the end of the line into a circle with a double knot (fig. no. 3). Leave about 8 cm of the end free for sewing in. You can sew it in straight away so that it does not get in the way or you can sew it in at the end as usual.

drobna kvitka f006

Step 3:
Pull the needle through the nearest F (fig. no. 4), add 1 C (fig. no. 5) so that the cabochon has its rounded side at the top and its flat side at the bottom and continue to the opposite F (fig. no. 6).

fig. no. 4

drobna kvitka f007

fig. no. 5

drobna kvitka f008

fig. no. 6

drobna kvitka f009

Step 4:
When the line comes out of the F, return through the second hole in the C (fig. no. 7).

drobna kvitka f010

Step 5:
Pull the needle through the F from the other side than you originally used in step no. 3 (fig. no. 8 + fig. no. 9).

fig. no. 8

drobna kvitka f011

fig. no. 9

drobna kvitka f012

Step 6:
Repeat steps 3 to 5 several times (without adding the C) in order to firmly seat the C.

Step 7:
Tie a knot in the line and sew it into the nearest beads. The basis for the first earring is now finished (fig. no. 10 + fig. no. 11).

fig. no. 10

drobna kvitka f013

fig. no. 11

drobna kvitka f014

Step 8:
Repeat steps 1 to 7. Both bases for the earrings are now finished.

Step 9:
Use the glue to adhere the butterfly clasp to the flat side of the C (fig. no. 12) . Leave it to dry properly. Both earrings are now finished (fig. no. 13 + fig. no. 14 + fig. no. 15). 

fig. no. 12

drobna kvitka f015

fig. no. 13

drobna kvitka f016

fig. no. 14

drobna kvitka f017

fig. no. 15

drobna kvitka f018