North American Native cultures

Traditional Czech seed beads define North American Native cultures

The Preciosa traditional seed beads have a prolong and continuous history with the N.A. N. cultures. In the 17th century, various makes of Czech glass beads were included in the inventory of the fur trading companies engaged in importing European goods to the New World.

Since their introduction, the seed beads in particular caught the imagination of the Native people and they became widely popular.
The Native people readily adopted seed beads as their preferred decorative medium. Individual tribes quickly developed their unique styles, beadwork often indicated a person's social and economic standing. Many beaded articles were also produced for intertribal trading and gift-giving. To some native families the beadwork became the only source of income, and their economic situation compelled them to manufacture numerous non-native-use articles.

Today, native groups across Canada and United States continue to produce both traditional and contemporary beadwork. They tap into the seemingly infinite array of Preciosa Ornela seed bead colors, finishes and sizes. The wide product range, reliable supply, and premium quality of the Preciosa Ornela seed beads is sought after and appreciated by the community of the native artists and native art enthusiast who continue to create their traditional dance regalia and wide variety of native-inspired items such as jewelry and whimsical tourist oriented art.