Made in Jablonec 2017

January fashion shows have a long history in Jablonec nad Nisou. As has now become the norm, the beginning of next year will also be marked in this town, which is associated with costume jewelry production, by the prestigious cultural event known as “Made in Jablonec 2017”. This year, the event will include the secondary title “Glamorous Day”.

The event provides regional costume jewellery companies and applied arts secondary schools with an opportunity to present their art.

Whereas last year the fashion designers expressed the moods of all the seasons in their designs under the theme of “4 seasons”, this year their rampant imaginations had to be squeezed into a single “Glamorous Day”, which was the theme of Made in Jablonec 2017. The event took place on Thursday 12.1.2017. The fashion symbolised wonder, splendour and elegance throughout an entire day from morning to evening on all possible

occasions. The show started in light morning underwear, dressed in daywear for business and leisure occasions and then presented the special sub–theme of “My crazy fashion trip”. Captivating fashion models for small and grand evenings were then paraded along the catwalk before the day was completed with nightwear. Three of the displayed pieces were presented by PRECIOSA ORNELA, including the hand painted silk dress entitled Silky Mist.

Whoever missed the premiere of the Made in Jablonec 2017 fashion show will have a second chance to see it at the Area Gallery in Liberec on 1.3.2017.


Glamorous Day


Fashion designer | Sketch

Ivana Brabcová -  Krejčovství Styl Iva

Designer jewelry: Helena Chmelíková PRECIOSA ORNELA, SUPŠ a VOŠ Jablonec nad NIsou

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Made in Jablonec 2017

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