Calendar 2017

Twelve photographers present the best-known products representing the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ and PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ product brands.

Under the guidance of Petra Lejsková, a script was created with the goal of presenting successful products or product groups from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ and PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ brands in the new calendar. The suppressed colour pallet of Marek Kubáček's individual photographs is a unifying element here. The color accents therefore provide sufficient room to emphasise the depicted product. Adéla Anděla Bursová's sensitive styling rounds off each depicted scene. The graphic layout also includes a space for the inclusion of a short piece

of product information. Thanks to the choreography of the twelve photographs, you will be able to acquaint yourself with distinctive Czech glass products and their production base in the form of glass sand from Střeleč, but also with the indispensable sense of a purely professional approach to everything which is produced at PRECIOSA ORNELA. You can also detect the hallmark of perfection in the relaxed playfulness of the individual scenes which only a true perfectionist can afford to utilise.

SOLGEL - title page

PRECIOSA ORNELA is the manufacturer of the largest range of glass seed beads in the world. One of the most popular color decors is Solgel. This involves a range of colors in up to thirty shades with three different levels of opacity. We can apply these colors to seed beads made of crystal glass, including the variant with a silver lining, or to alabaster and chalk glass. We offer a total of 360 color variants which we present in a three page color catalogue.


is a modular system of decorative lighting elements for residential and public areas. The basic module with dimensions of 500 x 500 mm can be installed on a wall or a ceiling, either as a decorative cladding or as an individual light fixture. Further use of the KUF system can be found in various structural forms or as interior components in reception areas or at information desks, but also as independent design elements. The raw material for production is lead glass which creates an unmistakable lighting impression thanks to its optical properties and top quality after polishing.

Design by VACEK & SMID | 2014

Backstage - January 2017

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PRECIOSA ORNELA's rocaille range contains many colors and sizes and it is distinguished by its high quality and regularity. The group of cut seed beads with the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand includes miniature cut rocailles called Charlottes, the most popular size of which is 13/0. The reflections from the two cut surfaces contribute to the luxurious appearance of this relatively simple, but highly effective design.

Design by HELENA CHMELIKOVA Preciosa Ornela


Jan Vacek and Martin Smid are the founders of their own studio in Prague. They are known for their poetic yet at the same time very pragmatic approach to design, focused on function and ability to utilize production technologies. They continuously collaborate with PRECIOSA on the new architectural product development. They are the winners of the Red Dot design award 2013 in Product Design category.

Design by VACEK & SMID | 2015

Backstage March 2017

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Glass Microbeads are designed for the blast finishing of surfaces and for road markings. Thanks to their shape, optical properties and chemical resistance, microbeads are most frequently used as an additive to paint which is suitable for road markings, but they also have a number of other uses in various size groups and mixtures and after precise sorting, i.e. as a medium for the demanding blast finishing of surfaces, effective ornamentation on Christmas decorations or as a filler in nostalgic hour glasses.


Glass seed beads are suitable for more than just use in costume jewelry. They can also easily become a highly effective interior decoration. A rocaille layer glued to a solid base can create a velvet effect with a pleasant haptic impression and help to enhance the surfaces of interior panels. Cladding panels with dimensions of up to 30 x 60 cm can be hung in place and they are primarily designed for use on walls and ceilings. The option of using atypical dimensions in the cladding panels and the choice of colors, shapes and sizes provided by the extensive seed bead range produced under the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand are an undoubted advantage.

Backstage May 2017

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PRECIOSA ORNELA is the manufacturer of the largest range of glass seed beads in the world. One of the most popular color decors is Solgel. This involves a range of colors in up to thirty shades with three different levels of opacity. We can apply these colors to seed beads made of crystal glass, including the variant with a silver lining, or to alabaster and chalk glass. We offer a total of 360 color variants which we present in a three page color catalogue.


PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ technical glass beads in diameters ranging from 1.5 – 10 mm are especially used in technical production (hence their name) for grinding and other technical uses, particularly because of their physical properties – the composition of the high-quality glass is ideal thanks to its neutral and hygienic properties. They are most frequently used in the paint and surface coating industry as an inert filler for bead tumblers, in the chemical industrial or as a raw material for precisely ground ball valves. They are also used as an effective decoration thanks to their light and optical properties.

GLASS SANDS Glass sands – Sklopísek Střeleč – quality in every grain.

 The glass sand first sees the light of day in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise, 10 km to the northwest of Jičín. This is the largest and highest quality glass sand deposit in Central Europe. These high quality raw material sources and the modern technology at its production plant mean that Sklopísek Střeleč, a.s. is able to manufacture silica sands with a low iron oxide content, which are essential for the production of extremely pure glass. Internationally renowned and prized Czech crystal, which owes its quality to Střeleč silica sand, is based on high glass purity. Its suitable chemical composition and granulometry are a guarantee of the highest quality production in the area of the glass industry. The manufacturers of traditional Czech costume jewelry have also long appreciated its quality.

Backstage August 2017

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The rocaille range PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ is one of the company's best selling commodities. It is offered in a wide range of colors and sizes and is distinguished by its high quality and regularity. This range includes round seed beads - PRECIOSA Rocailles and PRECIOSA Drops. The wide range of colors is supplemented by finishing options which are used to decorate the surface or the hole of the seed beads with the aim of achieving further optical effects.


Fire polished beads are a popular type of glass beads which were first made 5 centuries ago with the aim of approximating the appearance of cut gemstones while maintaining the option of stringing the beads. The fire polished beads in the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ range are produced in hundreds shapes and sizes. They stand out due to their lustre which is further enhanced by the wide range of finishes – iris coating, lustre coating, vacuum coating, coatings with precious metals, linings and many others. The combination of all the offered shapes, colors and finishes is by far and away the widest in the world and it provides inexhaustible options to everybody who is looking for exceptionality, originality and uniqueness.


Czech seed beads in the shape of a roller are known as PRECIOSA bugles. The production technology for PRECIOSA bugles is similar to that used for PRECIOSA rocailles, however the cut rods with various shaped holes (round, square or hexagonal) are not rounded, but are merely fine tumbled in order to smooth off any sharp edges and heat polished. In order to produce an increased and more effective sparkle, PRECIOSA bugles are produced with a twisted or extra twisted hole or surface which in PRECIOSA bugles can be round or square, straight or twisted. The variability of the PRECIOSA bugles is therefore enormous.

The size (or length) of PRECIOSA bugles is given in a so-called linear series from 0.5'' to 15.6'', where the bugles with the smallest size correspond to ca 1.6 mm and the largest correspond to ca 35 mm.

LIBA 2000  | Liba Optical Rods

These transparent, colorless PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Glass™ rods with semi-optical properties are used by leading international lens manufacturers for a wide range of purposes. Our optical rods find their greatest use in the automotive industry. The excellent ratio between the extraordinary properties of the glass and its acceptable price is the main feature of this purely Czech product.

Backstage December 2017

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Calendar 2017


Photographer: MAREK KUBÁČEK


Make-up and hair-style: ADÉLA ANDĚLA BURSOVÁ

Production: PETRA LEJSKOVÁ | Preciosa Ornela

Jewelry designer: HELENA CHMELÍKOVÁ | Preciosa Ornela

Fashion designer: MEESCHAP - Ing. Pavla Michalíková, MP Krejčovství - Marcela Pabyšková, WERSO - Jiřina Matoušová, Vera Marsalli - svatební agentura Eva Salačová

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