Beauty pageants with Czech seed beads

Seed beads adorned the models for the Miss Czech Republic and Miss World competitions

Dominik Navrátil is a young fashion and product designer. He dressed models at the world's most prestigious beauty pageants when aged just twenty.

Dominik admits that his first dresses did not turn out well and that his first collection was made from blackplastic gardenfilm. He has been successfully involved in fashion design since 2013.

His work ranges from regular clothing and through to evening gowns and on to alternative and scenic costumes. In recent years, he has presented two successful collections and the tickets to his shows were sold out in no time. He uses original elements in his work, such as his own embroidery and lace and unconventional cuts. Asymmetry or geometrical elements are typical hallmarks of the work of Dominik Navrátil, who also takes inspiration from architecture. Sometimes even the shadows on the facades of buildings at sunrise or sunset give rise to the kind of scenery which he subsequently transfers to the cut or the final adornment of a dress.

"Original lace and hand embroidery with PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ seed beads are our thing. We devote a truly significant amount of care to each dress,“ says Dominik.

For example, 2017 Czech Miss, Michaela Habáňová, represented the Czech Republic at Miss Universe in a snow white dress sewn with PRECIOSA bugles.

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And what is the difference between designing a dress for the Czech market and for an international beauty pageant? According to Dominik, a dress for Miss World must sparkle from top to bottom. This sparkle comes from the beads and stones which are sewn on to it one by one. This involves hours and hours of manual work, but the result is well worth it.

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Dominik Navrátil dressed the winner of the Czech Miss competition in 2017 and the winner of the Miss Czech Republic competition in the autumn of last year, while he has also prepared models for representatives at all the significant international beauty pageants: Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss Earth, as well as for competitions in somewhat more distant destinations, such as Miss Global, Miss Grand International, etc.


He was born in Holice in 1997. He currently lives and designs in Hradec Králové. He has worked on his dream since 2013 and he has already produced four collections. In 2017, he presented his XY collection with the model Karolína Mališová and last year the actress Patricie Solaříková became the face of his PSXDN collection. His greatest idol in the area of fashion design is Blanka Matragi, whom he admires for her artistic and craftsmanlike work style. He likes to wear casual and minimalist styles – trainers, a single-coloured T-shirt and patterned trousers.

(Source:, photo source: Dominik Navrátil)

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