Difficulty: 2
Technique: stringing

Bracelet made using PRECIOSA Chilli™

Preciosa Ornela presents the PRECIOSA Chilli™ Pressed Bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand.
The elongated imaginative shape supplements the popular range of two-hole beads with which it has an identical hole spacing. The axially deviated holes predestine this bead for simple compositions in the form of a zip in the case of a regular stringing on a strong or flexible material, during which the ridge of the bead excellently interlocks into the side groove of the adjacent one. This new bead is suitable for all types of surface finishes. Choose a suitable combination of three colors and try making this relatively simple, but highly effective bracelet.

It is sure to become one of your favourite jewelry accessories.


Step 1

Thread the fine line through the eye of the needle, cut off ca 10 cm and tie both ends using a weaver‘s knot. Then thread the flexible stringing material through this loop.

Step 2

Prepare the three different colors of the Ch. Alternately string the individual colors from the ridge side of the beads. At the same time, alternate the holes which you use when stringing.

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Step 3

Arrange the strung beads into the shape of a zip and thread the needle with the flexible stringing material through the second free holes. Straighten the stringing and lightly tighten it.

3 / a

Step 4

Thread the needle with the flexible stringing material through both holes of the first strung Ch once again from the ridge side. Straighten the entire stringing and tighten it. Tie off the ends of the flexible stringing material using three knots and cut it off ca 3 mm from the end.

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