Difficulty: 1
Techniques: stringing on a wire

Glass star made from long PRECIOSA Tubes

We have expanded our seed bead range to include PRECIOSA Tubes in extended lengths.
Try the advantages provided by their greater strength and larger hole and use them to make a Christmas star.
We wish you a contented beadworking during Advent.


String FPB and R in any arbitary order onto the wire frame. Twist the binding wire onto one point from the star frame and start stringing T, FPB, T and then wind the wire around the next point on the star frame. Twist the wire with the FPB between the T twice. Create eight points in this way. Then add another eight points made of T, FPB and T to the star in the spaces.

Step 1

1 / a

Step 2

2 / a

Step 3

3 / a

Step 4

4 / a


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