Sparkling Beauty

Hair comb decorated with atlas seed bead flowers

Floral motifs created using the technique of stringing seeds on thin costume jewellery wire form the basis of hair decorations which are suitable for weddings, other special occasions and even for everyday occasions.

The wide range of beads and seed beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech BeadsTM brand enables the use of this technique to create almost every kind of flower. Make use of the wide spectrum of Solgel colors applied to PRECIOSA Two-cut Beads which are made from unique atlas glass. Choose your favourite color combination and create relatively easy romantic floral decorations which will never fade or wilt.

Designer: Carla Ruvolo


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Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Two-Cut Beads Satin
351 31 001; 8/0;  05191

PRECIOSA Imitation Pearls
131 19 001; 5, 3 mm; 02010/70502

0.50 mm copper wire (silver plated); haircomb and hair clip at your choice; Pliers; Wire cutter; Bead Spinner

Sparklin Beauty material b 


Making the flowers

Step 1
Using the continuos wrapping technique, we are going to make a double 5 petals flower.

Sparklin Beauty 2

Step 2
String seed beads on a 0.50 mm copper wire (silver plated in this case, you can also use a colored wire matching seed beads color).

Sparklin Beauty krok1

Step 3
Counting 7 seed beads, make the first loop, twist twice.

Sparklin Beauty krok2

Step 4
Slide the seed beads and make another loop over the first one.

Sparklin Beauty krok3

Step 5
Twist twice.

Sparklin Beauty krok4

Step 6
Make the third loop and twist.

Sparklin Beauty krok5

Step 7
Leaving about 1 cm, make the first loop of the second petal, counting 7 seed beads.

Sparklin Beauty krok6

Step 8
Repeat the steps to form the second petal.

Sparklin Beauty krok7

Step 9
Until you have five similar petals. Now you can cut the wire leaving 10 cm long tail.

Sparklin Beauty krok8
Step 10
Twist the two wires close to the join of the first and last petal to secure.

Sparklin Beauty krok9

Step 11
Carefully shape petals.

Sparklin Beauty krok10

Step 12
Make a smaller flower with just 2 loops for each petal.

Sparklin Beauty krok11

Step 13
Insert the smaller flower in the center of the larger one.

Sparklin Beauty krok12

Step 14
Join the wires and twist to secure.

Sparklin Beauty krok13

Step 15
Shape and adjust the petals.

Sparklin Beauty krok14

Step 16
Make a stamen using pearls or rocailles at your choice.

Sparklin Beauty krok15

Step 17
Insert in the center and secure wires on the back of the flower.

Sparklin Beauty krok16

Step 18
Make 2 single flowers, using a pearl or a rocaille for the center. Using the wires secure flowers on the haircomb.

Sparklin Beauty krok17  Sparklin Beauty krok18

Step 19
Adjust and reshape petals. 

Sparklin Beauty krok19 

Step 20
Do not to leave ending wires. With hot glue gun, cover the back of the aircomb with satin or ribbon to avoid contact with the wires.

Sparklin Beauty 20Sparklin Beauty 21Sparklin Beauty 1

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jiskriva krasa 03