Snowflake Seed Bead Earrings and Pendant made of PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads

They are little miracles of infinite beauty, icy flowers, fluttering messages from heavens above...

This is how scientists viewed the splendor of nature's delicate beauties when they first started to study them. We too let ourselves be inspired by nature's
tiny works of art. In our case, however, to prevent them from melting or sending shivers down our spines, we substituted shimmering seed beads to create these sparkling ice maidens.

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Snow and frost are an indelible part of the winter holidays for many of us. To capture the magic of this holiday season, adorn yourself with these delicate snowflakes that will never melt! Below is a simple DIY guide with which you can create your very own tiny miracles, three infinitesimal beauties. And there is no need to stop at earrings and pendants – you can use the same steps to make magnificent snowflake decorations of all sizes as well! PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads and seed beads come in a large range of sizes and colors, so use your imagination and imitate nature – making no two snowflakes alike!

PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you a beautiful winter days.

Designer: Aleksandra Lysenko

Materials and Tools:

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)

331 19 001; 11/0; 78102 (cca 5 g)



0.3 mm wire; earring hooks; bail; chain; narrow flat-nosed and cutting jewelry pliers



Step 1

For a small snowflake you will need about 40 cm of wire. Divide it in half and make an eyelet using your flat-nosed pliers (this eye will be used for hanging the earring). The arrow in FIG. 1 shows the direction in which you will thread the beads onto the wire.

vlocka 1


Step 2

Holding both wires together, string 4x R (FIG. 2) onto the two wires. Next, separate the wires and thread 3x R on each wire. Double back with the wire, leaving out the
last bead you threaded, thus threading back through only the first two beads (FIG. 3).

Again holding both wires together, string 5x R (FIG. 4). You have made the first "arm" of your snowflake. Separate the two wires. Working with only ONE wire: thread 8x R onto the wire. Skip the last bead and double back, re-threading two beads (this creates the first "branch"). Then thread 4x R, again skip the last bead, and double back re-threading 3 R. Thread another 3x R, skip over the last´bead, and double back re-threading 2 R. You should now have three branches (two side branches with 3 R and a middle branch with 4 R) – FIG. 5. Now double back and thread the remaining 5 R (FIG. 6). This completes the second of six snowflake "arms".



Step 3

Following the same steps, make another snowflake arm with the same wire (FIG. 7) and then make two arms using the other wire (FIG. 8). You should now have 5 complete arms. Now bring the two wires together again and thread 5x R (FIG. 9) onto both wires. Separate the two wires and make one small branch with 3 R (FIG. 10) on each wire. Remember to skip the last bead of the three, and then re-thread the remaining two. Bring the wires together and thread 3x R. Thread the last R onto only one wire and then twist the two ends of the wire together (FIG. 11). Cut the unused wire with your cutting pliers. You have now completed one earring.




To make a larger snowflake for a matching pendant (FIG. 13) you will need an 80cm long wire[H2] . To attach the necklace chain, attach a bail to the original eyelet of the pendant snowflake.

vlocka 14



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