Small evening set made from imitation pearls

Necklace made from imitation pearls

You are sure to be able to use this imitation pearl necklace during gala occasions and in combination with an evening gown. The wide color range of the beads from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand provides the option of harmonising this fashion accessory with your wardrobe.

Imitation pearls from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand were originally made to imitate real pearls. This involves special technology applied during the surface finishing of pressed, fire polished or lamp beads and as such the range of shapes and sizes is practically unlimited. You can choose the most beautiful combination from the wide range of colors according to your tastes. This simple tutorial will enable you to create an elegant accessory which you will be able to use on many occasions thanks to its timeless design. Select universal colors or make several color variants which you will be able to combine with your wardrobe.

PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you many creative ideas and inspiration.


Materials and tools:

PRECIOSA Imitation Pearls (IP1)

131 19 001; 8 mm; 70818 (44x)

469 mala vecerni vosk a


PRECIOSA Imitation Pearls (IP2)
131 00 248; 14 mm; 70818 (16x)

469 mala vecerni vosk b


Stones in a setting
719 25 021/01; ss 16; 00030 AB (21x)

469 mala vecerni vosk c


PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)
331 19 001; 10/0; 19102 (68x)

469 mala vecerni vosk d


22 mm eye pins; ovals; a carabiner; an adjusting chain (silver)
a 0.30 mm nylon line; a 0.38 mm wire; a long thin needle; scissors; needle nose pliers; flat nose pliers (the flattening of the beginning of the line, closing the ovals); snipping pliers

469 mala vecerni vosk e



Step 1:

Connect the shaped IP2 bead to an eye pin. Grasp one end of the eye pin between the points of the needle nose pliers. Twist the eye pin around the point so that it is located centrally above the hole in the pearl. Gently tug the eye back. Connect two ovals and hang them in the connected eye. Snip off about 14 cm of adjusting chain. Hang both ends on an oval and connect another one to it. Also connect the carabiner to the two ovals.

469 mala vecerni vosk 1


Step 2:
String a row of IP1, R10, the stones in a setting and the shaped IP2 beads hung on the ovals onto the line. The stone setting has four openings. Thread the line through the adjacent ones. String 1x R10, 1x IP1, 2x R10, 1x IP1, 1x stone in a setting, 1x IP1, 1x R10, 1x IP1 and 1x stone in a setting. Continue in a similar fashion. The necklace’s internal circumference will consist of 2x IP1 with 1x R10 between them. The necklace’s external circumference will consist of 2x IP1 with 2x R10 between them. String both fragments a total of 11x. Leave the first two fragments and the last fragment of 2x R10 without any pendants. Hang the shaped IP2 bead on the others after the outer oval a total of 8x. The row will be completed with a fragment made of 2x IP1 with 1x R10 between them. Another 1x R10 will be strung after them.

469 mala vecerni vosk obr.2 en


Step 3:
Start the return. Thread the line through the stones in the settings. The line will cross over the original line from the starting row. Start by stringing two ovals from the adjusting chain. Make sure that all the stones are facing upwards. Place the basic row so that it faces to the left and the adjusting chain is at its right-hand end. Thread the line through it. Add 1x R10. Alternately string the fragments of the outer and inner circumferences: 2x IP1 with 2x R10 between them, then 2x IP1 with 1x R10 between them. Also string both fragments 11x when returning. The first two and the last two will be without pendants. String 1x R10 and two ovals with a carabiner at the end of the band. Tie off the line with two knots.

469 mala vecerni vosk obr.3 en


469 mala vecerni vosk 3a469 mala vecerni vosk 3b


Step 4:
Prepare a new line. Thread the line through the final “square” (4x IP1 with rocailles, an oval and a stone between them) one more time and tie off the ends of the line with two knots. Come out to the outer IP1 of the internal circumference. Thread the line through all the IP1 with R10 between them in the inner circumference. Do not string the stone! After stringing all of the beads and rocailles, tighten the line and thread it through the “square” at the right-hand end of the necklace. Sew the line in: create a loop in the line, thread the line through it twice and tighten it. Thread the line through a few beads and create a loop once again and thread the line through it only once. Pull the ends into the surrounding beads and rocailles. Also pull in the other ends of the line into the surrounding beads and cut them off.

469 mala vecerni vosk 4a469 mala vecerni vosk 4b469 mala vecerni vosk 6

469 mala vecerni vosk 5
Designer: Helena Chmelíková

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