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Jewelry set made from PRECIOSA Tee™ beads

We present the new Czech PRECIOSA Tee™ bead in warm shades with the new, high quality surface finish known as Gold Shine. The gold glints which have given their name to this new type of glass bead surface finish permeate a wide color range.

PRECIOSA ORNELA presents the new PRECIOSA Tee™ Pressed Bead from the PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads™ brand. Its dimensions of 2 x 8 mm means that it conforms with the current trend for mini beads. The axially symmetrical, flat "T" shaped bead enables the application of vacuum half-coatings to both sides of the bead with the resulting effect of an overall decoration. Other surface finishes are also possible.
The strung beads closely interlock and as such simplify the option of creating varied 3-dimensional structures.

Designer: Helena Chmelíková

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Materials and tools:


111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/24104 gold ochre

piskovcove mesto 02010 24104

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/241E1 gold

piskovcove mesto 02010 24101

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/24109 warm yellow

piskovcove mesto 02010 24109

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/24106 copper

piskovcove mesto 02010 24106

111 01 364; 2 x 8 mm; 02010/24102 golden orange;

piskovcove mesto 02010 24102

for all the shades: the necklace 24x; the bracelet 30x; the earrings 12x

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R)
331 19 001; 10/0; 20206 gold; the necklace 51x; the bracelet 25x; the earrings 12x

piskovcove mesto 331 19 001

- gold or brass; metal crimp beads; a carabiner; the fastening counterpart; 6 mm rings; a chain or endings on a ca 8 mm wide ribbon for tightening; creole earrings
- 0.20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; a 0.38 mm wire; a ribbon or leather strips; tailor's thread; a flexible fibre (Opelon, Elastomer); flat nose pliers; snipping pliers; a ruler; glue

piskovcove mesto zlato mosazpiskovcove mesto pomucky

The procedure:

The basic section of the necklace, the bracelet and the earrings consists of sewn circles consisting of 6x T.

The circles

String 6x T. Thread the line through them one more time (fig. nos. 1, 2). After stringing the beads, adjust their angle of tilt. The wider section (the shoulder) is at the edge. Alternately tilt them to the left and to the right. The narrower sections (the legs) will be in the middle. Carefully tighten the stringing so that the T do not twist around. Tie three knots. Pull the ends of the line into the surrounding T (fig. no. 3). Sew circles in the five T shades. Sew the shades in groups of four on the necklace, in groups of five on the bracelet and in twos on the earrings.

fig. no. 1

piskovcove mesto kolecko nakres

fig. no. 2

piskovcove mesto kolecko a

fig. no. 3

piskovcove mesto kolecko b

The necklace

String the circles one after the other on the wire according to the individual shades. String 1x R between each circle (fig. no. 4). Add 1x R, 1x crimp bead, 1x R, 1x crimp bead and 14x R after the string circles. Thread the line through the crimp beads, the R between them, the outer circles and the R between them once again. Tighten the wire. Crimp the crimp beads. Cut off any excess wire (fig. no. 5). Use the chain as a tightener. Otherwise use the ribbon of the leather strips. Place them in the endings with the outer teeth. If you are using smooth endings, glue them on (fig. no. 6). Connect the chain or the endings with rocaille loops (fig. no. 7) and with the fastening using a ring (fig. nos. 8, 9).

fig. no. 4

piskovcove mesto nahrdelnik a

fig. no. 5

piskovcove mesto nahrdelnik b

fig. no. 6

piskovcove mesto nahrdelnik c

fig. no. 7

piskovcove mesto nahrdelnik d

fig. no. 8

piskovcove mesto nahrdelnik e

fig. no. 9

piskovcove mesto nahrdelnik f

The bracelet

String about 15 cm of thread into the needle. Tie off the end of the thread. A large loop will be created. Cut off about 60 cm of the flexible fibre. Thread it through the loop. Fold it in half (fig. no. 10). String the circles one after the other according to the individual shades.
String 1x (fig. no. 11) between the circles. After stringing all the circles, tie off the flexible fibre with three knots. Cut off the fibre about 3 mm from the knot (fig. no. 12).

fig. no. 10

piskovcove mesto naramek a

fig. no. 11

piskovcove mesto naramek b

fig. no. 12

piskovcove mesto naramek c

The earrings

String the circles for the creole earrings (fig. no. 13). String 1x between and in front of them. Otherwise hang them on an earring hook (fig. no. 14).

fig. no. 13

piskovcove mesto nausnice a

fig. no. 14

piskovcove mesto nausnice c

piskovcove mesto apiskovcove mesto b

piskovcove mesto c

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