Bracelet woven from triangles

All of the colors of the rainbow will adorn your wrist on sunny and rainy days alike. This woven bracelet stands out thanks to the bright colors of the PRECIOSA triangles.

Everybody will be able to make this bracelet woven from the smallest PRECIOSA triangles on a small loom. It is entirely up to you how wide you want the bracelet to be and what color shades you choose. The triangular seed beads interlock together perfectly. You can also try a similar procedure using larger triangles or create your own colour schemes.

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Materials and tools:






PRECIOSA Triangles (TrH1)
321 43 001; 2.5×2.5; 08291 red (136x)

duha cervena

PRECIOSA Triangles (TrH2)
321 43 001; 2.5×2.5; 08289 orange (136x)

duha oranzova

PRECIOSA Triangles (TrH3)
321 43 001; 2.5×2.5; 08286 yellow (119 ks)

duha zluta

PRECIOSA Triangles (TrH4)
321 43 001; 2.5×2.5; 08253 green (119x)

duha zelena

PRECIOSA Triangles (TrH5)
321 43 001; 2.5×2.5; 08258 turquoise (119x)

duha tyrkysova

PRECIOSA Triangles (TrH6)
321 43 001; 2.5×2.5; 08223 blue (119x)

duha modra

PRECIOSA Triangles (TrH7)
321 43 001; 2.5×2.5; 08228 purple (119x)

duha fialova

PRECIOSA Triangles (TrH8)
321 43 001; 2.5×2.5; 08297 pink (119x)

duha ruzova

metal parts – in any finish of your choice: magnetic end pieces on a 4 cm ribbon; this can be replaced with crimped end pieces, rings and an American fastening
a thin and medium thick thread (Belfil-S 50 – warp, weft, Belfil-S 30 – ending); a long thin needle; scissors; a small loom; a thick tailor's needle; instant glue, flat nose pliers (for closing the rings); glue for absorbent - non-absorbent material (gluing on the fastenings); a rubber mallet (closing the crimp fasteners)

duha pomucky


The bracelet is 4 cm wide (17 rows). The woven section consists of 58 columns

Step 1:
Tighten the loom of 18 threads. Use a neutral shade (cream, light grey). Tie off the thread at the edge of the loom. Pull the thread from one side to the other 18x (fig. 1a). Tie the ends off at the edge (fig. 1b).

1a 1b

duha 1aduha 1b

Step 2:
Start stringing the individual columns. One shade for one column (red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, pink), (fig. 2a).


duha en


duha 2a


Pull or cut off a long piece of thread (about at the length of your outstretched arms). Thread it directly into the eye of the needle or thread the thin tailor's thread into the eye and tie off the end. Then thread the single thread into the thus created loop. String 17x TrH and move them to the end of the thread. Leave about 20 cm of thread free at the end. Press the triangles to the bottom of the warp, pass the thread through them from above and this will create the weft. Initially, the weft will be hard to tighten. This problem will be resolved after the creation of several columns (figs. 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f and 2g).


2b 2c 2d 2e

duha 2bduha 2cduha 2dduha 2e


2f 2g

duha 2fduha 2g


Step 3:

After creating the woven section, sew in any excess thread at the end. Pull the thread into several triangles at the beginning and the end. Secure it with a double knot. Once again, pull it through several triangles and cut it off (fig. nos. 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 3f, 3g, 3h and 3i).


3a 3b 3c 3d

duha 3aduha 3bduha 3cduha 3d


3e 3f 3g 3h

duha 3eduha 3fduha 3gduha 3h



duha 3i


Tying the thread – create a complete column on the remaining thread. Leave about 20 cm of the end of the utilised thread free. String a new thread. Leave about 20 cm free at the end of the thread. Continue weaving the columns. Tie off the ends of the thread with two knots. Pull them into the triangles and cut off the excess (fig. nos. 3j, 3k, 3l).


3j 3k 3l

duha 3jduha 3kduha 3l


Step 4:

Weave the end bands which will be attached or glued to the fastenings. Thread the thicker thread into the large tailor's needle. Begin interweaving the needle through the warp from approximately the centre to the edge after the woven section. Then interweave the warp along its entire width. In doing so, you will create approximately 0.5 cm of textile weft. Once again end in the middle. Strengthen the bands by applying instant glue. Once it has dried, cut the weft from the band (fig. nos. 4a, 4b, 4c and 4d).


duha koncovy pasek en


4a 4b 4c 4d

duha 4aduha 4bduha 4cduha 4d

Step 5:

Assembly. Glue the bands to the fastenings. If you have a crimp fastener (with the teeth at the edges), crimp the fastenings and insert the band. Close them carefully, for example, by hitting them with a rubber mallet. Attach the American fasting to the eyes in the crimp fastenings using the rings. Attach more rings to the "T" (fig. no. 5a).



duha 5aduha 5b

duha 6duha 7
Designer: Helena Chmelíková