Spiny bracelet made using PRECIOSA Villa™

Use our tutorial to create an unmissable bracelet made from PRECIOSA Villa™ pressed beads. You can wear the spiny bracelet on any ordinary day or on special occasions.

Introducing a tutorial on how to make a bracelet inspired by the porcupine's spines. The PRECIOSA Villa™ pyramid beads can be easily joined into regular shapes using the right angle weave stitch thanks to their square base and the location of their holes. They will enable you to easily create an effective pattern. PRECIOSA Villa™ beads are available in many colors, so you can choose from a huge number of color combinations and create a pattern according to your own design. Each resulting bracelet will always be different, depending on whether you select beads which are coordinated tone in tone or beads in contrasting colors.


PRECIOSA ORNELA wishes you unending inspiration in your bead work.

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Materials and tools:



PRECIOSA Villa™ (V1)

111 01 341; 6 x 13 mm; 53420 khaki (22x)

PRECIOSA Villa khaki

PRECIOSA Villa™ (V2)

111 01 341; 6 x 13 mm; 00030/28101 Vitrail (44x)

PRECIOSA Villa vitrail

PRECIOSA Villa™ (V3)

111 01 341; 6 x 13 mm; 23980/14495 green iris (46x)

PRECIOSA Villa zeleny iris

PRECIOSA Rocailles (R10)

331 19 001; 10/0; 18503 silver (24x)


a bead to complete the adjusting chain

dikobraz material 2

steel memory wire - 6 cm diameter coil; an adjusting chain; small ovals; a carabiner; an eye pin; a 0,20 mm nylon line; a thin needle; scissors; flat nose pliers (for flattening the beginning of the line and straightening the eye pins and rings); needle nose pliers; large snipping pliers

dikobraz material 1

The procedure:

Use the right angle weave stitch to create the bracelet. Sew together "squares" which you will then join together. First sew one long row of "squares" and then connect a second row square by square.

Step 1:

Sew a square. String 1x V3, 1x V2, 1x V3 and 1x V1. Tie the line with two knots (fig. no. 1).


dikobraz nakres 1dikobraz 1adikobraz 1b

Step 2:

The second square. Thread the line through the nearest V3. String 1x V2, 1x V3 and 1x V1. Thread the line through the V3 from the first square again. Thread the line through the V3 and V2 from the second square.

Step 3:

The third square. String 1x V1, 1x V3 and 1x V2. Thread the line through the V3 from the second square. Thread the line through the V1 and V3 from the third square (fig. no. 2).

the first row

dikobraz nakres 2


Step 4:

Continue in the row. Alternate steps 2 and 3. Sew a total of 22 squares. Finish threading the line through the last square in the V1.

dikobraz 4

Step 5:

The first square in the second row. String 1x V3, 1x V2 and 1x V3. Once again thread the line through the V1 from the last square of the first row. Thread the line through the V3, V2 and V3 from the first square of the second row one more time. Thread the line through the V1 from the penultimate square in the first row.

dikobraz 5

Step 6:

The second square of the second row. String 1x V3 and 1x V2. Thread the line through the V3 from the first square of the second row. Thread the line through the V1 and V3 from the second square in the second row (fig. no. 3).

the second row


dikobraz nakres 3



Step 7:

Continue with the second row. Alternate steps 5 and 6. Once again, sew 22 squares.

dikobraz 7

Step 8:

Thread the memory wire through the outer V2. Cut off slightly less than one twist of the wire. Connect the eye pin. Begin carefully threading the wire through the Villa beads. Once you have thread it through all the Villa beads, cut off the wire to the length of the connection of the end loop. Create the loop. These Villa beads can be threaded through with the line a maximum of 2x. No knots may be hidden in them.


dikobraz 8adikobraz 8bdikobraz 8c

Step 9:

Affix the fastening. Cut off three links from the adjusting chain. Connect them to the loops on the memory wire using ovals. Connect the carabiner or about 10 links of the adjusting chain with the attached end bead to the central link in the chain using an oval.


dikobraz 9a

You do not have to thread the bracelet onto the steel wires. Create an arch of 12x R10 above the end V3 from both rows. Thread the line twice through the arch and through the aforementioned Villa beads. Attach the carabiner and the adjusting chain to the arches using the rings.

dikobraz 9b

dikobraz 10

dikobraz 11

Designer: Helena Chmelíková