Playful earrings

Difficulty: 1
Technique: sewing

Sewn earrings made of PRECIOSA Cornelian Seed Beads

Use this simple tutorial to create some playful earrings, which can also be used as the basis for a necklace or bracelet. Use the PRECIOSA Cornelian, a rocaille with a round hole where the intermediate layer consists of white chalk with a rounded edge and a cover layer of glass, which allows the exceptional nature of both this seed bead and your piece of jewelry to stand out. Single or multi-colored earrings or a rainbow bracelet or necklace are sure to make you happy!


Alexandra Lysenko - Snow Mirna

Her name has resounded throughout the world of bead and seed bead costume jewellery for a number of years.

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Step 1

Cut off approximately 1.5 m of line and thread it into a needle. String 2x K33, pull them to the end of the line and tie a double knot (fig. no. 1a). Thread the line through one K33 (fig. no. 1b). Then string a third K33 onto the line, return to the second K33 and then emerge from the third K33 again (fig. nos. 1c–1e). Sew on the fourth K33 in the same way (fig. no. 1f).

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Step 2

Sew through the first and fourth K33 so that you end up with a square (fig. nos. 2a-2b). String a R6 and sew it on to the neighbouring K33 (fig. no. 2c). Sew on a total of 8x R6 on both sides of the square in the same way (fig. nos. 2d-2e). Thread the line through all the R6 on top and at the bottom so that they are joined up (fig. nos. 2f-2g).

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Step 3

String 3x R13, 1x R8 and 3x R13 (fig. no. 3a). Thread the line through the lower R6 (fig. no. 3b). String 1x R13, leave out one R13 and thread the line through the remaining 2x R13, R8 and 2x R13 (fig. no. 3c-3d). Once again string the R13 and pass the line through the R6, from which you emerged (fig. no. 3f-3g). You will then attach the earring to an R8.

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Step 4

Repeat Step 3, but string 7x R13 (fig. nos. 4a-4c). Repeat this step two more times so that each side of the square is decorated with R13 (fig. no. 4d).

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Step 5

Sew a white R10 between each R6 rocaille in this step (fig. no. 5a-5b). Sew through the rocailles and tie knots along the way so that you have sewn in the line. Then cut off any extra line.

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Step 6

String a connecting ring to the R8 on the point and then attach an earring hook to it (fig. no. 6a-6b). Sew one more Cornelian square according to the procedure and you will have a pair of earrings. Earrings in different colors also look interesting (fig. no. 6c). Create a rainbow bracelet to complete the set (fig. no. 6d).

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