Jelly candy

Crocheting with strung seed beads is a highly popular and relatively simple technique. We present a procedure for the creation of a bracelet from a crocheted tube. This involves the stringing of seed bead cubes instead of classic rocailles.

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PRECIOSA ORNELA offers the widest range of shapes, sizes and colour variants in its PRECIOSA Traditional Czech Beads brand of seed beads. This time, we have selected seed beads with a square cross section which are cut from square glass rods with a round or square hole. So let’s try using a classic technique in combination with a slightly unusual shape. The so-called “Squares” made from crystal glass with a colourful surface finish look like candied fruit or jelly candies.Preciosa Ornela wishes you a lot of fun during your beadworking.
Designer: Aleksandra Lysenko