Happy flower

Difficulty: 1

Flowers made from PRECIOSA Rola™ seed beads

Summer calls for happy colorful accessories, to brighten up both our fashion and the interiors of our homes. So try your hand at making colorful flowers from PRECIOSA Rola™ seed beads, which you can use to make cute earrings or an entire costume jewelry set. What's more, you can also use the flowers as interior accessories or as gift decorations - just use your imagination.


Alexandra Lysenko - Snow Mirna

Her name has resounded throughout the world of bead and seed bead costume jewellery for a number of years.

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Material and Tools


Step 1

String 2x R1, slide them to the end of the thread and tie a knot (fig. no. 1a), pass the thread through the R1 (fig. no. 1b), string 1x R1 and pass the thread through the R1 that the thread came from (fig. no. 1c). Thread the needle through the last R1 (fig. no. 1d). Similarly sew on 3x R1 one at a time so that you have a strip consisting of six seed beads (fig. no. 1e).

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Step 2

Coil the strip into a circle and sew it together (fig. no. 2a). Thread the thread around the circle so that every two beads are connected by 2-3 stitches (fig. no 2b). Tie a knot in the end of the thread (fig. no. 2c).

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Step 3

Change the color of the thread. Place an R2 in the centre of the circle, bind the thread between the orange and blue seed beads (fig. no. 3a). Sew the R2 to each blue seed bead with 2-3 stitches (fig. no. 3b). Tie a knot in the end of the thread (fig. no. 3c).

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Step 4

Change the color of the thread and sew an R3 to the blue seed beads with 2-3 stitches (fig. no. 4a). Tie a knot in the end of the line. Place a drop of glue on the knots, leave them to dry for a few hours and then cut off the remainder of the thread (fig. no. 4b).

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Step 5

Attach the metal part to the R3 (fig. no. 5a) and connect it to an earring hook (fig. no. 5b). Create the second earring in the same way (fig. no. 5c). You can also sew a flower as a pendant or variously combine flowers to create a decorative accessory.

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